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Ray Fink
Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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about me

Follows suit: Almost always

Counts to twelve: Almost always

Counts to thirteen: Some of the time

United States of America

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Bronze Life Master
Victoria Hess and Ray Fink
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Rosalee Gardner and Ray Fink
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Randy Gentillon - Ray Fink
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Alex Stille - Ray Fink
2/1 Game Forcing, 3/1 Invitational
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Open San Francisco Discussion Thread
You can take wine home??
Open San Francisco Discussion Thread
+1 on the service elevators. When using them from the upper floors, go to level 1 (lobby) rather than B2 unless you want to experience some very obscure areas of the Marriott basement.
Different Defenses Against No Trump in Direct vs. Balancing Seats?
Two partnerships with split defenses. Both use HELLO in direct position, double is penalty. For balance position, the HELLO transfers aren't as useful. One partnership just plays DONT, the other plays Goodbye.
Comparable call?
Interesting point about the 2NT relay. I resisted the idea, but I've come around. 2N could be (clubs to play) OR (Stayman with a stopper) OR (invitational or ) OR (3NT with a stopper). With that set of options the 2N bid by itself -- not the sequence -- is ...
What's a "Comparable Call"?
Many less-experienced players don't understand that "any legal call except double" includes Pass. Likewise, many such players think they are obligated to make a sufficient bid. When I'm ruling in these situations, I make a point of stating "including Pass" as part of IB'ers options.
ACBL Live über alles
About 1/4 of our regular players are non-members, some adamantly so. I have encountered no problems uploading games with non-members participating.
ACBL Live über alles
I suspect at some point, the club will be grateful to find out that one of their members is computer-literate, has taken the time to learn ACBLScore, and would be willing to help out "with all this computer stuff." Even better if said person has already obtained their Club Director ...
ACBL Live über alles
A big Thank You to Matthew and all others involved in making ACBL Live For Clubs a reality. The upload process is simpler than it was with Club Results, and Common Game integration is an of-course-why-not bonus. It really simplifies my end-of-session workflow. And our one issue with the beta ...
ACBL Live über alles
We sometimes have just two tables show up, and run a Homestyle Pairs event. Kevin goes to far more effort than I do in assembling results; we just put up with the IMP section results appearing in ACBL Live. So, yeah, another vote here for improving how Homestyle games are ...
ACBL Live über alles
Another vote here for better copy-and-paste support. I have the computer savvy to do any of the above-mentioned methods, but I really shouldn't have to. My club players do not have the computer skills; let's make it easy for them.

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