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Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson
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May 24, 2012
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about me

Retired attorney. Avid golfer (though only shoot in low 90's/high 80's) and bicyclist (over 4,000 miles each year from 2010 to 2019).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
When we made the Vanderbilt round of 16 and walked into the room, we saw people whose faces we had seen on magazines, whose books and articles we had studied. My wife turned to me and said, "this is like an IQ test -- which object is out of place in this group?" Obviously, that was us.
Bridge Accomplishments
9th/16th in 1983 Vanderbilt, First in 2013 NABC Bruce LM-5000 Pairs, 9th in 2001 NABC IMP Pairs, 6th in 0-10K NABC Pairs in 2016, 3d/4th in 0-6000 KOs in 2018, 5th/8th in 3 other limited NABC KOs, several regional wins and deep places in national events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Barry Spector, Neil Hunter, Ben Franz, John Erickson
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Do I need a Neurologist?
Ah, having sat across the table from Barry's AK first trick cash, I can tell you it gets your attention! If I recall, both of us were a lot more alert after that accident reminded us that being awake counts. I won't tell my many stories of disasters ...
Do I need a Neurologist?
Jim: Your problem was all that thinking. If you just bounce happily in your chair (like the Rabbit) and bid a game or slam w/o draining all the precious fluids from your brain, it is easier to avoid this problem. (BTW, happens to me even without excess thinking.)
How Would You Interpret This Double?
And your partner's overcall promised enough that a max passed hand can beat 1N? My partners might have a good-suit 6-count. And when I make a bid it is always about "what I have." What I might have super often in this auction is both minors. What I might ...
Fit-Showing Jump Shifts in Competition vs. Weak Jump Shifts in Competition?
I answered "other" because your fit-showing and mine are different. Fit-showing only when partner has opened or overcalled a major. Fit-showing with 3+ support for partner and 5+ for the suit bid. Fit-showing only through 4♦︎.
Causes of lost time in high level pairs competitions.
Pull the board, but give the slow pair the worst of average minus or their game percentage and the other pair the better of average plus or their game percentage.
Blackwood after partner pre empts at the 3 level.
4 is Poor Man's Keycard unless the preempt was 3. Then 4 is Poor Man's Keycard. Using 4N and not modifying the responses is pretty weak (IMO). But why have two bids spent on keycards -- are there many times you don't care about any ...
What is Normal?
Then never claim. What I was suggesting was that they speed up the defense and it is NOT a claim.
What is Normal?
At the table, I have exposed my hand with the statement, "I am not claiming, just making it easier for you to defend and to concede if you want."
Blind pass or bid!
The second method, not surprisingly, was called "One Bid."
Blind pass or bid!
A group of young players known as "the boys" sometimes played "no-peek" in clubs around Washington D.C. in the early 70's. There was a "bidding system." You always passed in first or second seat, then opened 1 in third or 4th and bid suits up the line ...
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