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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

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What is 2NT here?
I answered pick-a-minor, because that's in effect what my main partnership plays here--a scramble without 4. But it really depends on having discussed OBAR (opps bid and raise) situations. If the double can be (very) light, you need a scrambling bid. If not, various meanings here can work ...
A Comprehensive System of Responses to 1NT
Looks mostly very playable. In the JTB section, a re-transfer to is either INV or slam try with no shortness, whereas these bids are split when M=. This seems a bit of a memory strain. We play a system much like yours, but keep these consistent. Related to ...
A Comprehensive System of Responses to 1NT
Agree with Steve, as otherwise you can't show splinter in OM. One possible advantage, however, to Mike's (OP) method is opener's ability to offer 3N to play when denying the slam try.
How Would You Play this Low-level Double?
Thanks for all the responses! I was the one making this double, and the hand was very close to John's prototype and reason. The actual hand was 2=4=3=4 just below opening strength.
How Would You Play this Low-level Double?
Partner is a passed hand, so I don't think the 7 count estimate holds.
BW 2/1 System - Potential Reality or Wishful Thinking?
Mike Lawrence produced a "Handbook of Partnership Understandings" that could be used for a new partnership wanting to spend a few hours of discussion nailing down the beginnings of a system. Its questions are suited to natural systems, but not constrained to only 2/1 or even 5-card majors.
New Bridge Magazine now online
Yes, this morning
Which of these auctions are Support Doubles?
Nice post. I'm impressed you boiled 64 possible combinations down to 8 likely choices, and also raised a point my partnership has not discussed (after advancer bids 1NT).
Bridge goals and resolutions for 2018
Count opponents' hands more consistently. Improve defensive signaling. Get more out of my bridge reading by analyzing hands more thoroughly before reading the solutions.
System on after balancing 2NT
We play 3 is Puppet when x is minor, and an OM length ask x is a major. 3, 3 and 3 are transfers into the 3 non-x suits.

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