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Returned to bridge 5 years ago after a 25-year absence.

United States of America

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What is standard meaning here ?
12-16 looks heavy for 2 openings. I think 11-15 is more typical, and have seen good 10's opened, or even 10-15 ranges specified. So there is decent room for game. I like 1NT to be 17-19 or 16+-19 over limited 2-level openings like this.
Wolff Relay Sequence
We use the MIT variation of Wolff in which you can show both 6-4 (3, then 4) and 5-5 (4 immediately). Yes, that means Gerber isn’t available cheaply.
Do you play your 2!D opening as a weak 2?
I play Flannery (4=5 only, with lots of fun continuations) in my most advanced partnership. If Multi were allowed here, we would probably play that and switch 2M to something else.
What's a "Comparable Call"?
Yes, I don't think this is well understood by all directors. I've heard rulings that indicate you can NEVER double or redouble.
Open Call for Hand Creators
Can the scope of a hand be limited to bidding-only or play-only? Many instructional hands focus only on one or the other.
And the 1!C - 2!D Jump Shift
Bill, assuming you're an ACBL player, the multi meanings would not be allowed in Basic/+ events if that matters to you. As to the RF options, one of Erik Kokish's variants uses all 3 bids over 1 as different types of RF. All that said, I'm ...
Some questions about Good-Bad 2NT and competitive bidding
In both negative double variants, we play GB2N is ON--in fact those both look like "classic" cases. For sake of simplicity (so far) we play GB2N is OFF in both the bid-and-raise cases. I can see merit in distinguishing major and minor suit fits, but because NT is more important ...
Weaker, stronger, flexible or something else?
Q1A. Delayed 3 is certainly odd. Perhaps you hoped to double 4 for penalty, but once they settle in 3, you decide 3 is best? Perhaps Axxx QJ10x x Q109x or some such hand. Or is that nuts?
Fit Bid Forcing or Non-Forcing
If the FJ hits pay dirt, meaning a double-fit is located, the combined offensive potential has increased, so why would opener want to pass?
Splinter or Fit Bid after Takeout Double
After our minor suit openings, I play all of these bids as weak (preemptive). After our major suit openings, I play non-jumps as transfers (starting with 1NT), and all bids above 2M as having the same meaning as without the double. (Have you noticed what trash some people double with ...

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