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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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Lebensohl over takeout double of a weak 2, part 2
The post concerns responses by advancer to the double, not 3rd seat actions by partner of 2 bidder.
What does 3!H mean here?
I play 3 as 1-suit Stayman after (2M)-2N, allowing partner to show 5OM with a cue bid and 4OM by bidding 3M. The other 3 suit bids are all transfers to the 3 suits other than M. That said, I like Frances' approach of 3-suited, short in M.
I'm pretty sure this isn't a real hand, at least not with these spots.
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
If partner is to be declarer, you could also start arranging your cards to lay down as dummy.
Minor Suggestion for Convention Card list
Great. Thank you!
Last train simplified
Thanks for posting this, Benoit. It helps clear up my thinking on the subject. There are (at least) 2 notions of what constitutes Last Train, thus it's another convention that a partnership should not adopt without discussion. I prefer your interpretation.
Minor Suggestion for Convention Card list
Howard, That's on each individual card. I'm referring to the page that lists all your cards--what you see when you select "Convention Card Editor" from Explore. IOW, I want to see the last change dates on my cards without having to open each one.
Minor Suggestion for Convention Card list
A hard checkout process could create administrative burdens for BW, in cases where someone checks it out and then gets distracted and never checks it back in. Perhaps easier would be to note the person and time the CC was last chosen to be edited, then if not subsequently saved ...
Fourth suit after XYZ
If you play 2 as your punt in this sequence, which seems reasonable, what is your punt when your original response was 1, i.e., after 1-1-1-2 or 1-1-1-2?
2D = 18 to 19 balanced allowed by ACBL GCC?
I played Romex for years back in the '80s and never had an issue with either Mexican 2 (18-19 BAL) or the Dynamic NT. These opening bids are covered clearly by numbers 5 and 2, respectively under Opening Bids on the current GCC. See: ...

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