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Randy Pearson
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Jan. 24, 2015
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Just returning to bridge after 25-year absence.

United States of America

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a simple forcing, invitation, not forcing question
Exactly. Good game opposite a variety of hands like KQx 10x Axx A10xxx.
Go for 6!c?
Thanks. I've just read The Ultimate Club version. On first reading, it appears to have a very high memory cost, and also precludes Garbage Stayman. They played 15-17, so the latter wasn't a big factor.
Go for 6!c?
@Barry, What is Relay Stayman? I get no search hits either here or on Thanks.
Forcing or not ?
I like to play that, with a minor agreed, if we try for 3NT and fail, that 4m is NF. This auction meets that definition. The cue bid need not show extras here.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: AQT92 --- AKT9 AQJ9
Don’t understand 6H vs 6D. You obviously have H void either way, so why not show DK?
Legal Agreement or not?
Perhaps he's a Grand LM only because he does crap like this.
What event would you play in?
@Ray, @Kevin: I do not remember the precise language used, but this event was part of the reason we chose Houston and I traveled from Pittsburgh. We knew exactly what event we wanted, so nothing like Ray's hypothetical dialog occurred. It was more like "are you sure you wouldn ...
What is the best treatment ?
There was a hand in the ACBL Bulletin (Oct 2017), pg 26, Barry Rigal) showing the Grossacks handling a Dbl of Stayman using the following: Pass by opener says 'no stopper'. Then Rdbl by responder says he does have a stopper, after which opener transfers into his major. In ...
What event would you play in?
I thought a 2-day pairs event in a Regional sounded like a great idea. Houston had one last January, and when buying an entry, the directors were actively trying to talk people out of the event--seemingly hoping to eliminate it. There ended up being just 7 tables, with 8 pairs ...
Pass, Pass, Pass, ?
Similar to an intermediate jump overcall.

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