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Randy Breuer
Randy Breuer
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Aug. 29, 2010
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12 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me


terrible speller {bothers others not me}


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting Grant Baze and all the advice he gave me over the years. Paul Soloway kibtzed me Wash.NABC left after 3 hands i went down in 2 lol
Regular Bridge Partners
need one
Favorite Tournaments
None anymore rather spend money on warm vacations!
Favorite Conventions
the less i use the better i play
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
Ellis Not sure about your smoking policy but for sure Grant Baze would never agreed to it! Seriously this player has played at my club for 30 years and I think for me to tell him when he can smoke is not something I would do. The laws states he ...
Playing Dirty with Bots
My question is what's the point? wow u fooled a robot will this help your bridge game? Will u try this with a live partner? Silliness to think you have dome anything special!
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
I often use a phrase from my kindergarten teacher when directing at club Start of game I will ask Are we all in our places with smiles on our faces?
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
oooooohhh never had 2 or 3 but one I am dealing with now.
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
His clothes are clean but by time arrives t bridge he has smoked 10 cigs and during a game goes through 5 or so more. Remember Grant Baze was a chain smoker wore a suit coat but usually too off when he smoked put on over his shirts to help ...
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
I posted for a reason l need help with a problem/complaint at my club. 88 year old man war veteran{Korean War} chain smokes and his clothes and himself reek of smoke. Players complain I suggest sit same direction, but that's not helping please offer a suggestion? I ...
Barbara Randy, let's set the record straight. Oh I agree it fell apart about a year or so after you sold it I wont discuss it any more was just so sad for everyone way it ended especially you. As for the tax forms not quite as simple as ...
Barbara 1st Toronto is booming and very competitive bridge club wise of course you have 8 million within 1 hour not all of us are so lucky. 2ndly ACBL has just changed the incentives and rewards for those who sell ACBL memberships. It is now substantial and worthwhile. you fail ...
A better rating system
Richard knows 1000 percent more than I do on how this should be done and his plan looks like it will take a year plus, do we have time? Will Bod take the time to do things right? history says no but lets give them a chance lets hear the ...
A better rating system
Richard I agree with your above comment but please expand pretend I put u in charge of this task. Estimated time before ready? Would you test before rolling out and if so example of test. Lastly to be worldwide would this be easy or would it be easier just to ...

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