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Plan the defence 2
It is almost sure that partner has 5S and 4D but has not bid 2S. Maybe does not want to encourage a spade lead if I get to be on lead. So I played for J7 and Q combo (maybe heat 1 please note Mike). And shifted to spade 8 ...
Plan the defence 2
2nd and 4th
Plan the defence
No, I am not saying that heart A and a diamond return will be always right but I feel, is more likely to succeed. Here are my thoughts - may be flawed where world champions like you could help by guiding. 1. Declarer has 2S and 3H. He may have 3D ...
Plan the defence
Like many of you, I also thought that it was safe to duck. While it needed a diamond shift to defeat the contract. Partner had 10x, K10xx, Jxxx, Qxx. Declarer will concede a club to partner on which we will discard an encouraging spade and partner plays a spade. Declarer ...
Plan the defence
IMP but you can share your thoughts if any different for MP
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
4H/4NT/5D by opener to play. Here we play 4S/5C as liking D/H respectively (obviously heart has to be great control fit as no super accept earlier). This works out even better if responder wants to make a last train with 5C/5D for D/H respectively ...
Better Bidding of Potential Slam Hand
We play a rather simple structure here. 4H/4NT/5C by opener to play no slam interest. 4D/4S encouraging for H/C respectively over which 4NT by responder is RKC and revert to agreed suit by responder saying no more from my side (having already shown slam interest) - opener ...
Sequel - Plan the bidding - Now plan the play
On the contrary, if east has AQ of diamonds, then it is almost certain to make 3NT by ducking 2 spades as if defense switches to clubs, then assuming we get 5 hearts, defense will have to allow either diamonds winners in dummy or black suit winners in hand (defense ...
You've seen this trump suit before
I think it also depends on your opponents opening style. Is xx, A8xxx,xxx, AKx OK vul first seat? If not, then likely spade Q also with west. West does not really expect entry to partner's hand to signal in club (playing AK instead of KA) - it will only ...
Sequel - Plan the bidding - Now plan the play
Yes, it is from China - last round of round robin. Fortunately (as it turned out), I misplayed the hand a bit. Ducked the first round and when east continued with spade 3, played 9 instead of winning with Ace. I was hoping that if spade is continued, east could be ...
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