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April 6, 2017
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Limited Bidding: Reengineering Jacoby 2NT
If you modify 2N to show a limit raise or better, and you do get the impertinent 3D as shown on Page 3 (or a 3H) overcall, how does opener continue?
Proper description of response to Kokish Game Try
In this auction would you also need to point out that "cheapest suit" bypassed spades.
4 Way Transfers with Range Ask
If you can bid X-1 you can bid X, so what additional auctions are opened up?
4 Way Transfers with Range Ask
Assuming you are playing a strong NT, isn't the whole idea of transfers to ensure that the NT opener becomes declarer? With the range ask 2S, 1N-2S;2N-3C wrong sides a club contract when the opener is minimum. With the 2-way 2N, 1N-2N-3C-3D (weak with long diamonds) wrong sides ...
1NT-2!S = !C/range ask
A (naive?) question about the range ask: given the care taken with NT opening bids to right side major suit contracts, does anyone not care that a 1N 2S (range ask) 2N (minimum) 3C (weak with clubs) sequence seems to wrong side clubs precisely when weak?
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: A AKJ94 KQ AT642
My partner reminded me that my bidding at the table was systemically correct, but my recollection of the deal (as described in the main posting) is pure fantasy. As Richard points out, I indeed bid 3H (which we play as inv or better, stayman without stopper), and my partner bid ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: A AKJ94 KQ AT642
My partner bid 3N too, and it went swish, while others bid 7C, presumably without interference.
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: K43 QT7 Q86 AJ63
As of this writing, it's almost 80% for pass. Which is what I did, for a very poor score.
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: A AKJ94 KQ AT642
1. Instead of doubling, what is a better first round bid? 2. Given that one is in the Lebensohl relay, so North could have a weak hand with clubs, I'm surprised there are no votes for 4C (breaking the relay, thereby showing a strong hand and suggesting a strain ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: A AKJ94 KQ AT642
If you want to cheat, you can see the deal here: but I suggest you vote first then comment on what happened.
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