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Rafael Sacramento
Rafael Sacramento
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April 2, 2017
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about me

i consider myself an advancing player: stronger then intermediates but still far away from expertise


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Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: KQ QJ5 KQT3 KQ98
as an apart, from my (limited) experience what i realize is that most of the players are eager to upgrade but rarely downgrade..
Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: KQ QJ5 KQT3 KQ98
if i defend i guess i'll get endplayed everytime i win a trick 1NT sounds normal and if clubs are interchanged with hearts i'd double
Muiderberg development doubt
Paul: no one is challenging you; i just added a bit of info, that's all
Muiderberg development doubt
The polish play either hearts and any other or spades and a minor, all 6-10 HCP
A case for using Gladiator
I hear you saying that one of the advantages is the hand being played by advancer; in my opinion that's a disadvantage because overcaller will be traversed by the opening lead
A case for using Gladiator
Bid Better, Much Better, After 1 No-Trump Opening book is out of stock
Muiderberg development doubt
if i can have a look at the developments maybe i'll understand the reason why 2NT should be GF...
Who's to blame?E
David: could you please explain why its an insult?
Muiderberg development doubt
what i meant is that i forgot it was GF
Muiderberg development doubt
what i can conclude is that there is no need for a 2NT GF bid..
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