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Ping Hu
Ping Hu
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March 16, 2011
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about me

Learned to play bridge when I was in high school in China where no bridge books were available at that time. Took a long break from bridge after college due to work and family. Came back to play again since 2010.

United States of America

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Scored a 64% section top in my first NABC game (Red Ribbon) with a partner I never played before.
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Silver Life Master
Precision - GCC
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Basic 2/1 with Mike Ma
2 over 1
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1!h-2!s and 1!s-3!h to show 3-card limit raise in opener’s major?
I have played this two as limited raise but with some extra meaning. My LR structure after 1 open is 3: 3-4 cd LR with s/v in ; 3: 4 cd LR without s/v; 3: 3-4 cd LR with s/v in or ...
3S over 3H
Take a look at my following post. You have 2 more offensive tricks in and 2-3 in and a potential ruff. In actual layout X-Y=5 and there are 18 TT.
Junior USBC Champions
Chess' satuation was similar. Only when school started support like IS 318 they provide help with transportation the program really worked. Youth bridge in Chicago area had similar problem. Katya Rehak had a program in Whitney Young High School for many years and there were a number of black and ...
Junior USBC Champions
I’m not from Silicon Valley but from Chicago suburb. The story here is similar that there is a relatively large Asian population, about half Chinese half Indian. However I think Bridge should not have anything to do with race. This is based on my previous experience with youth chess ...
Junior USBC Champions
That's too bad. I'm not related to 2nd place team but I think some players/parents might be interested in going without funding.
Junior USBC Champions
Why couldn’t we send 2 teams like U26 and U21?
Junior USBC Champions
There was an issue with bridge education in US school. When my older son was in high school I suggested him to try to start a bridge club there. He said the school would not allow it because they associated card game with gambling. After my younger son grown up ...
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
Michael, I agree with most of your statement. I initially used ACBL provided textbook for school program to teach bidding. In my 2nd or 3rd year, a girl showed me a balanced 13 point hand and ask me what she should open. I told her to open a minor. However ...
At what point do I as Costa Mesa Bridge Club as well as on a personal level say enough is enough?
@Hank, The ability to run Swiss team with Bridgemate is already there. Take a look at the following post I had over a year ago.
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
I have tried to teach bidding based on a simple Strong club system for a couple years. My students were mostly elementary/middle school students. They learnt very quickly. It is faster than I used ACBL textbook to teach standard bidding before this experiment.

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