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Ping Hu
Ping Hu
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March 16, 2011
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United States of America

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Scored a 64% section top in my first NABC game (Red Ribbon) with a partner I never played before.
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Silver Life Master
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Precision - GCC
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Basic 2/1 with Mike Ma
2 over 1
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Running Swiss Team with Bridgemate
Sorry. This was intended to post in the Club Forum.
is wide range 1NT open allowed?
I just read the new chart. It looks like it outlawed 1NT for lower limit less than 10 HCP. However it also has a rule exception says any bids requires Average Strength could be made with near Average Strength in 3rd/4th seat. If this applies it is still legal ...
BBO's next generation preview
Take a little time to find out what I could do in old version. Some of the features seems not available.
is wide range 1NT open allowed?
This opening is allowed in ACBL, but responder is not allowed to use any conventional response. This is in Disallowed #7 in current convention chart. I believe the new chart has similar restriction.
Advice for new club owners?
There is a beta program for club that has been going on for quite a while. You could call ACBL club support to find out if you could get in. If you could not get information from them, send me private message and I'll help you to find out ...
Is this alertable?
By ACBL alert procedure, you only need announce "could be short" (0-2). My own opinion is it should be alerted. I played a similar opening and I would alert it when partner open 1.
Advice for new club owners?
If you don't have a website, you might want to use the ACBL website. Just upload the game file. It could show game results as well as allow you to make an announcement to players. There will be a major upgrade of ACBL website for club very soon so ...
If not discussed no alert or explanation is required (BBO ruling question).
Yes. FDCC "as is" is not good enough. I propose to have a new standard that could define CC information for multiple apps. Players could use it for their own system notes. It could be uploaded to online play like BBO, Funbridge and other online site. If tournament wants to ...
If not discussed no alert or explanation is required (BBO ruling question).
These are technical problems that could be solved with technology. If I design it I would make these details optional.
If not discussed no alert or explanation is required (BBO ruling question).
Online play's alert should follow rules for screen. All delayed alert become immediate alert-able since it won't be a UI to partner. @Barry, if FDCC is a failure for BBO, it is only for technical reason. I think conceptually it is a great idea. Technical problem could have ...

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