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June 21, 2011
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Spingold Chances SF- part 3
David, You have valid points. Being an eternal optimist, I will plod along in hopes that the ACBL will some day get these issues right. I will note that as a vugraph operator I have seen many expert players become irritated about the 'glacial' bidding and play. The next posting ...
Spingold Chances SF- Part 5
KB, as previously stated, West is unlikely to hold three Hearts considering the lack of acceptance of the transfer. Therefore the only Heart holding that allows declarer to use the Heart suit is A10. North has ample information to play his partner for 3 Hearts and to give him the ...
Spingold Chances SF- part 3
David thank you for your comments. I feel the responsibility is shared by all, the players, directors, administrators and rules/laws committee. I am just not sure how to deal with it. I have heard that in some European tournaments clocks are used, but not having played abroad I do ...
Spingold Chances SF- Part 5
Actually not Alan, N leads the spade 10 ducked around and continues with their low spade won by the A and on a third spade unblocks a heart honor knowing that declarer is unlikely to hold 3 hearts based on the auction.
Spingold Chances SF- part 3
Thank you Kevin for the clarifications. Additonally, thank you and the other Directors for your combined efforts, the event ran very smoothly. My recollections agree with your conveyances, however the issue posed is why rulings aren't made within the timeframe of the period within which the ruling applies i ...
Spingold Chances SF- part 3
Bd 1, neither vul, Imp score 0-0, Opp.'s all national or world class
Spingold Chances QF- part 2
Frances from this and your past questions, I am thinking you will enjoy the next posting.
Spingold Chances QF- part 2
Steve, although 3D on 6 is common today, surprisingly, I saw less of it than one might have expected. Thank you for contribution.
Spingold Chances QF- part 2
Thank you and good point and likely not, perhaps '3' suit squeeze may be more appropriate even though South needs to 'guard' three potential winners. As a novice at this, I have already learned a great deal and hope others are doing so as well.
Spingold Chances QF- part 2
All quite interesting and exactly what one could hope for on what I believe to be a very interesting hand, thank all of you

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