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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

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Unnecessary Dentist
Leading from KQ10 is not tough so being at the table would help but leaving aside that evidence I think the 10 of clubs is a favourite to be in the west hand. I don't think its accurate to say that you are trading the diamond guess by ducking ...
Infraction no penalty
In what way did your opponents get "the best of it" ? All that happened is that the table was put back into the position it would of been in without someone misreading a bid. This incident has happened at my table a few times. In the original posters position I ...
Infraction no penalty
I think any right thinking human being would assume that the comment "Really" was involuntary. The argument you put to the contrary is silly. It is not until partner gives a total nonsense explanation that you might react.
Infraction no penalty
If you find this sensible ruling hard to tolerate you should probably play a different game.
Penalized for not alerting a self-alerting bid by failure to alert a P/C
"Do you really want to win this way?" I see this mantra a lot. Far as I'm concerned it's a load of crap. The facts indicate that the doubler assumed something about the 2D overcall that he should not have assumed. He did not do any of the ...
Penalized for not alerting a self-alerting bid by failure to alert a P/C
I think the ruling is correct. That said if I was the doubler on this auction I would either not call the director or I would likely regret calling the director with the benefit of hindsight.
Need to Cash
I think you should identify both suits with a 2 suited overcall and you should play them as any range. Doing something else is attempting a constructive 2 handed approach with a 4 handed weapon.
Need to Cash
If you give up a jump overcall of a 1 of a major opening in the lowest ranking suit you wouldn't have to worry about identifying your minor. As is you got a bit lucky that East was 4/4 until East forgot to bid 4NT over 3NT.
Phil Markey's bidding problem: 6 KQJ2 A52 JT642
I passed. Pard led a heart with his 4261 3 count (QS, JD) and dummy tracked a 6322 14 count. Declarer had a 2425 with not enough values because he was unsure just how strong 3S should be so an easy 4 light. If they run it is a likely ...
Phil Markey's bidding problem: 6 KQJ2 A52 JT642
I agree. It should come down to some table presence.
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