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June 3, 2015
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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

Personal philosophy - clothing optional


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Psyching is cheating
Is that to say "Partner is trying to mess with you here and if I tell you what he had the other 8 times he has done it then it would spoil the surprise later" ? Maybe it is that you are saying that you have a special system arrangement that ...
Psyching is cheating
"I don't think you have to tell them that a hand where partner wants to avoid a double is more likely than one where partner would welcome a double. The relative probability of various hand types is something opponents will have to figure out for themselves." What is the ...
Psyching is cheating
"The situation you pose is a special case, where you will not be using that data. To provide it, when partner could genuinely have anything, is especially dangerous." This auction is "special", and the, "your not using this data exception". This is persuasive stuff Bill.
Psyching is cheating
"Suppose you go 'full disclosure' with the last option, the opponents double 2♠, and it makes because partner was operating with good spades. How should/would your opponents react? They may be rather upset, to put it mildly, with your answer." You know that this is irrelevant to the correct ...
Psyching is cheating
You were not "down 50 odd" ! You and some other weird looking Fanta Pants kid together with other wayward youngsters from the bad lands of New Zealand had not read the script and were busy scaring the crap out of the clearly better Australian team with all your new fangled ...
Psyching is cheating
"How do you respond to your opponents questions ?" Not "How would you alert these bids ?"
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: AJT64 AT76 --- Q764
I am going to decide if we make game now because that is where the big $$ is. 4C provides good opportunity to look stupid but I like pass. 3S sucks.
Dodge a Bullet
"Any attempt by the opening 1NT bidder to tell the opponents what his partner has for the slow sequence to 2♠ would not be accurate. Partner might have anything. If the 1NT bidder makes some description that would give the opponents MI, since that is not the agreement. That only ...
Dodge a Bullet
Absolutely part of your disclosure should be to say that Partner is in control in as much as the 1NT overcaller is not going to compete but that doesn't by itself fix the problem. What do you say as the 1NT overcaller when the proposed sequence happens and you ...
Dodge a Bullet
KJ10985 6 983 872 Is presumably a routine 2C bid ? I think once you run from 2 clubs doubled in the proposed sequence you invite more doubling. In any event the disclosure obligations in the sequence you suggest are fraught. Running from 1NT smacked seems to promote at best awkward ...
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