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June 3, 2015
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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

Personal philosophy - clothing optional


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Reopening double after 1N (strong)
I think redoubling to show something is bad. The openers side are in front in these auctions courtesy of having a fairly strict opening range. They are just going to blow their equity showing something with a redouble.
Reopening double after 1N (strong)
"I have considered playing reversed methods, especially over weak NT. Then double shows approximately a weak NT (often off-shape), 2♣ shows a strong hand (possibly a strong NT), and higher bids show not so strong unbalanced hands. This is obviously worse than doubling if you have a strong hand, but ...
Reopening double after 1N (strong)
"Do you actually claim that if 1N opener XX with every hand, reopening with about 11-14 balanced becomes totally ineffective or just less effective?" I think it becomes unprofitable. In a rubber game I think Zia would become your cash cow if you played the methods I suggest in this ...
Reopening double after 1N (strong)
There is some additional system to playing an automatic redouble. It is not going to cost much to have agreements that mean responder is not going to pass a 1NT opening without enough values to sit a redouble or a hand that has an easy run. A balanced 11 count ...
Reopening double after 1N (strong)
The other defender's typical hand given the passout seat showed 11+ balanced will be about 6-9 balanced. The automatic redouble removes the comfortable option of pass with that hand.
Reopening double after 1N (strong)
I am familiar with this style of double and I think it is a winner but only because almost no-one plays a suitable defence to it. Anything other than an automatic redouble by opener after a balancing seat double of any 1NT opening is spewing imps in my view.
the wait is over
2C 4H P P 5N P 6C P 6D 6H 6S P ? Is what I saw to be precise. 6S is at least 4 spades and I doubt The Colonel bids 6H's with a diamond void.
The Hardest Contract
"Should E-W have gotten into the bidding?" East passed an 11 count as the dealer. E/W are losing imps this hand given the choice to pass in first seat as a simple auction would have them play 2 spades or defend at the 3 level. The arguments in favour ...
Gambling Actions (L-12)
If the definition of a wild gambling action is that a player risked a very bad score with a reasonable expectation of getting a very good score then it is contrary any sensible view of the nature of the game that the player should be punished for taking such an ...
Hop, Skip, and a Jump
Barb's line makes 12 with the heart guess as opposed to not ruffing a diamond before drawing trumps which suffers from the entry issue. It's a typical Barb hand. Bidding or playing the cards it is routine for her to transform complex into simple.
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