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Phil Clayton
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July 27, 2010
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Originally from Montana, then 30 years in Orange County, CA and Dallas since early 2017. I currently lead the Program Management Office at Toyota Motor, NA in Plano. I coach Agile teams and teach and support JIRA and Microsoft Project. Married to the consummate bridge widow Kimi, and we have three ex-caddies that share our name, as well as one grandchild (gasp!). 

My regular partner, Andrew Gumperz and I have developed Martian Standard which is a blend between what Fantunes and Welland/Auken play. It is fun to play and very effective.  

United States of America

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Anything that quickly gets to the final contract with a minimal exchange of information.
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"The worst play I have ever seen"
I have played something similar with a Ottawan ex-jr, Gordie Zind. Ace was led from even holdings. King was led from odd holdings. Partner's count card signaled if we were cashing an even or odd number. I currently play Ace asks suit preference.
"The worst play I have ever seen"
I think its tricky to defend against 14 card hands but im sure you meant Kxxx Axxxxx T 98
"The worst play I have ever seen"
I think this is really a great thread. Dave, you have the makings of a great book BTW, and yes I will order an advance copy. The diamond pitch on the 3rd club feels like "playing bridge" to me. I don't see a whole lot wrong with this play ...
Upcoming, Challenging NABC's?
If you want to identify problem NABC's, I don't think either of these locations qualify. I am looking forward to Columbus - I love the vibe of college towns with the dining, arts and culture. I have never been to Columbus, which frankly is a reason for me to ...
"The worst play I have ever seen"
changed mind.
Interference with Queen ask
I'd bid 5N without the double holding the trump Queen unless I had no other assets except the queen and the key cards I have shown. I'd rather leave partner a little room to explore 7 if that's possible.
Interference with Queen ask
I honestly don't think this auction is common enough to worry about an agreement. If it came up, I would suspect my partners would assume: 1. A return to 5 would deny the trump Q 2. Pass would show the trump queen and deny the K. 3. I ...
Hool - A Prelude to Bridge
Alan, how I read it: 1. The pairs exchange two bits of information. 2. Both pairs make their estimate. 3. The pair that loses the initial estimate can pass, double or bid again. 4. The initial winner can pass, double or bid again. Then the 'auction' ends. It's actually ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
We are four months from Memphis. Here's a quick look at the landscape: The tournament is being held at the Cook Convention Center. The ACBL rates are (sorted by distance): 1. Sheraton Memphis (0.0 blocks) - $134 2. Crowne Plaza (3.0 blocks) - $131 3. Comfort Inn (.3 MILES ...
Hool - A Prelude to Bridge
This is a great entre into bridge with very little initial mental overhead. The abiliy to outbid your opponent unilaterally after the blind reveal does not seem like a necessary element and may lead to counterproductive strategy however.

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