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Falling numbers in Orlando
Wow I cannot believe Dave's comment got flagged. I am not a fan either of the US political leadership but Joel's comment is rather over the top.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
I play a variety of Fantunes with Gumperz and the two level openings show a slight net win for us, so I don't consider them much of a weakness. In Atlanta they actually showed a pretty big gain and the only negative results we had is when there was ...
Double of an "either/or bid"
When my RHO has a penalty double of spades, they won't be able to figure it out. I agree that we are getting crushed when LHO has spades, but its not clear to me that hand is passing initially.
Forcing or Not?
When ive played NFB, a direct 3 shows a good hand.
Double of an "either/or bid"
Sounds like it might be fun (and possibly exploitable) to pass with hearts and clubs at least some of the time. The problem with this approach is partner gets an aha moment and converts to diamonds.
Falling numbers in Orlando
Atlanta in August. Orlando in September. One had to go.
Produce the Deuce
I like IJO's too, especially with the propensity of overcalling at the two level just compete instead of it showing a real hand.
Double of an "either/or bid"
This is a little like defending psycho-suction. Don't be focused on head-hunting, but rather try to find your fit. Accordingly: 1. Double is strictly cards. Now, usually, LHO's pass implies a hand playable for spades, and other calls are pass or correct from there. So 3 would ...
[b]And if they don’t, it is up to us. We have to refuse to play against them and we should refuse to play in any event in which they are participating.[/b] It takes a lot of backbone to turn down income where they are allowed to play ...
Line of Play
You defend 6N. Declarer wins your spade lead in hand and leads a heart to the board - what do you do? It seems like with nearly ANY heart holding with one honor this is just a smooth duck. Can anyone construct a hand where we hop and declarer has played ...

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