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ATB - Matchpoints
If we can get 200 by defending a undoubled doesnt the T swing the board. Instead of nitpicking the defense, Id rather focus on the heart of the issue which is the failure to compete. Sure, taking 9 tricks on defense is routine here, but its a general comment. I ...
Ive thought about this more. Maybe one thought is with AKJx we have the luxury of leading the King since we do not expect four on our right. With AKxx, we would lead low. So with 9xxx, partner can encourage although with Jxxx he can discourage?
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
So would many, but the audience is folks with ~1,000 masterpoints creating a card.
Hi Ed, my comment was vague. The 'seeded' pair in the section was NS 3. NS 9 was also a strong pair, and I imagine NS 13 was as well. These represent 'low seeds'. But 3 was the top pair. I didnt mean to imply there was only one pair ...
Yes, I think 2N concealing a major can be a big win, although it helps if there is a way to unearth a 44 fit and also identify weakness too.
1. Yes 2. King requests unblock w T or higher, else count.
You have a point but thats not relevant to the theme. Pretend declarer has AKJ or AQJ.
A from AKJx but K from AKJT.
Interpretations wanted, please
Barry, I had this same situation in a GNT match about 7 years ago. The exact auction was: R/W (2) pass (4) 4N X 5 I had a 1=5=5=2 red 17 count. Our 7-2 club fit would been lose 2. Our 5-2 diamond ...
How "expert" is this play?
Sorry, didnt realize you were discussing an entry-less dummy. Nice variation on the theme.

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