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Peter Lipp
Peter Lipp
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July 18, 2010
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July 13
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Bridge Player
about me
Intensive learner, practically a beginner (less than 10 years playing intensively), but on the verge of thinking about squeezes on the table, so not all hope is in vain....

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Park Bridge Club Graz
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Salzkammergut Bridgetage
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Learning about our Forum: Club Play
Playing 2-3 times per week, directing 1-2 times. When I direct "for free" I usually play, on the other days I am available as a playing director for any member that shows up alone. We are a membership-"owned" club so this is a little different I guess ... When we ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: KQ4 KT5 AKQ QJ76
Actually the 2 bid was illegal according to the Austrian regulations... But started the same at our table....
The cost of a bridge game
Park-Bridge-Club Graz currently has a 28€/Month membership fee which gives you three free days per week to play. For the other days members pay €3 per session. TD gets a free drink on a free day and keeps part of the session-fee on the other days.
Use of UI
my partner cue-bidded after my splinter in a suit where I do need a cue-bid to go for slam, so - no. For me.
Apple Bye, Blueberry Bye, Chocolate Bye, Lemon Bye ....
Very Strong Hands
In our strong club based system it would go 1 - 1 1 - 1 3NT showing a balanced 27+. All bids before that artificial. Getting to 6NT is no issue then, but 7...? would need to follow with - 4 (transfer) 4 - 5... noone ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: KT862 AKJ83 83 A
FIne. What do you bid instead with such a hand?
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
And if he has psyched? Come on... Whether random bidding was allowed by the rules or not, it's cannot be partner to decide that has happened.
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
Somehow I miss why an unintended call (if legal otherwise) automatically should be an irregularity. It is not against the rules to make a stupid call. Also, where would we stop here? When I have 8 hearts in my hand and my p opens 1 - statistically this will more ...
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
... moved to the thread above ....

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