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Peter Lipp
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July 18, 2010
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about me
Intensive learner, practically a beginner (less than 10 years playing intensively), but on the verge of thinking about squeezes on the table, so not all hope is in vain....

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Park Bridge Club Graz
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MPs squeeze
Now playing hearts after AKAK may have the disadvantage that you are down before any squeeze materializes. And if AK hold, the hand gets trivial anyhow....
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
Jim: No, I don't verify myself. So far this has not proven costly :). Most of the time I need to do one boardset only, where it only matters regarding TheCommonGame-Deals and would only happen if two boards are not in order in the stack and I don't notice ...
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
It takes me roughly 6 minutes for duplicating a set of boards. It would take me at least as much time to ensure that the tablets are (re)powered after the game. Quite sure this doesn't buy me anything timewise. This, assuming that the model was: take any tablet ...
Can't play to the 13th trick
He should greet friendly and explain the law. Law 14: look for the card. Card found amongst the played cards: Law 67 applies. Basically identify the missing card (the one stuck to the other), and play this one to the last trick. The card is assumed to always having been ...
To Show or Not To Show?
Slower? May be. But I am sure I don't move the 9 instead of the 6 or whatever I am sure is the right card... And I guess it takes me roughly 1 minute to do so....
To Show or Not To Show?
When this happens, I just walk off and re-duplicate the board, no problem at all....
The game we play in Austria (Preferanzen) is played with 3 players and it was one of the first card games I learned. Not sure this is Russian origin, Wikipedia names Austrian/Hungarian origin. But what do I know.
When do you call the Director?
" have had a stop card still on the table (and reached 8 or 9)" You must be a pretty fast counter, I typically only reach 3 or 4 ...
An unofficial poll on the double-blitz rule
In Austria, both will get 6VPs (20 VP scale) unless it's one of the last 3 rounds, then both get 0. Good feature, that your SW can discover this - unfortunately ours cannot (well one could check this in the Bridgemate-Tool but then again we never enter the player numbers ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AQ87643 A9865 --- J
I also thought about transfer and then 6 - but why not just transfer and then 3 and see how P reacts. If p prefers one suit, control-bidding should help. If p selects 3NT - not sure - 5?

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