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Peter Jan Plooy
Peter Jan Plooy
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Sept. 29, 2015
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April 5
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Bridge Club
about me

I am a civil engineer by profession, living in Breda (NL). Started playing bridge relatively late, about the age of 26. Been member of the same club in Delft since 26 years.

Middle level club player (Hoofdklasse, for you Dutchies).


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DBC, Delft, the Netherlands
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
There probably WILL be a Montreal NABC
Fact check: According to there are 172 hotels in Montreal. Even selecting only 5-star hotels, you get 13 results. Only the number of 1-star hotels comes close to the number mentioned above: 8. But I don't think any bridgewinners will want to stay there...
World championships individual
Great idea, Sjoert. But you seem to want "to help Corona virus". Please don't.
I dont have an answer...maybe you do?
I had more trouble with 'excepot'.
Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
Years ago my LHO had exactly this hand and opened 7NT. Hand-dealt board in a regional competition. I had Jxxx.
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Doug, the actual question was: "assume the opponent had clearly said, "Yes, 3-2." What do you think?" Since that would have been a lie, the "more interesting question" was indeed put to us.
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: 4 AKJ54 KT3 AT92
Don't we have a support X available?
A "friendly" game
Hm, lack of reciprocity... Time to bring out the old "I would like you to do us a favor though"?
A "friendly" game
Cornelia, you obviously missed Marty's follow-up comment "I should add, the situations I'm describing involve team matches, where there's no issue of "fairness to the field.""
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
NS may have persisted in their evil ways, but THIS hand offers no evidence for that, because the S hand can reasonably be described as weak. Also, for THIS hand their crime did not damage their opponents, for the same reason. EW don't deserve redress.
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
Marshall, North my have known what range to expect, including constructive/limit values, but he certainly did not take that into account when he passed. So there is no evidence from this hand that he took advantage of that knowledge. NS were adjudicated against based on the assumption that they ...

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