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Peter Jan Plooy
Peter Jan Plooy
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Sept. 29, 2015
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about me

I am a civil engineer by profession, living in Breda (NL). Started playing bridge relatively late, about the age of 26. Been member of the same club in Delft since 26 years.

Middle level club player (Hoofdklasse, for you Dutchies).


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DBC, Delft, the Netherlands
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Legal or illegal?
And yet, the OP states there was no psych...
Would you roll this back?
@Mark, sorry, I seemed to be a bit cross-eyed when read your name.
Would you roll this back?
@Ralph, "based on his hand, he certainly thought it was some sort of strong call." No. Based on his hand, he certainly thought it was forcing. That's all we can conclude.
Would you roll this back?
@Michael H. "I have never heard of responding to Blackwood when the 4NT bid is not Blackwood." I have been playing that for about 15 years. With a minimum hand and a long suit, we show aces. Any non-NT bid over 4NT quantitative is to be interpreted as a Blackwood ...
Here more details:
What are the benefits of UD Attitude, Standard Count?
Michael, you do a lot of scuda biving in the Bay?
The Rest of the Story
Probably closer to 20...
Thirty nine to go, but I ain't keeping score
Maybe we can expect 39 more polls with different possible hands for this same bidding sequence and BIT.
Another Moose this Week
And Inspector Clouseau would probably pronounce them the same.
How do you adjudicate this claim?
David, since this was [b]not[/b] one of the Top Twenty, there are no "other 19".

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