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Peter Jan Plooy
Peter Jan Plooy
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Sept. 29, 2015
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about me

I am a civil engineer by profession, living in Breda (NL). Started playing bridge relatively late, about the age of 26. Been member of the same club in Delft since 26 years.

Middle level club player (Hoofdklasse, for you Dutchies).


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DBC, Delft, the Netherlands
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The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
Christopher, it is probably not your point that Kelsey's system leads to the best contract, but.... "All Pass"???
ATB - missed Red game at IMP Pairs
IANACP, but I think that should be Sitzfleisch.
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
Anthony, what's wrong with the above is the sentence: "The second finesse is roughly evens." The rest of your text is fine, it just does not lead to this conclusion. A priori for 2000 deals when this situation occurs: 1000 times East holds K stiff 1000 times East holds ...
Robot meltdown
Barry, if that is the intention, there really is a bug. Because it doesn't work like that on my laptop. Just Play Bridge is also Best Hand and Human Declares. Every time, without exception. And I must have played 1000 hands by now. Period. (To quote the Spiceman.)
Robot meltdown
Ah, right, that makes sense. I was too focused on West's pass, as the issue for this post.
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
John, that's a lot of negatives in your last sentence.
Robot meltdown
And what about Human Declares for Just Play Bridge? Also independent of client?
Robot meltdown
I just checked it again. If I choose Just Play Bridge, Best Hand is not the setting on my android. Also, I don't get to play N's contracts. Both settings are different on my laptop.
We switched to reverse about 12 years ago. In my head I still have to do the 'reversal' of the count every time... Not for the reverse attitude though; I wonder why that is.
Percentage of Blame
Switch S's 's and 's, and the 's are dead in the water after a lead. Or another lead with A over the K. Is that highly unlikely? They need only 6 hcp for their bid. Can be all manner of Q's and J ...

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