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Peter Gill
Peter Gill
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Basic Information

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Oct. 5, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I've won over 50 National Championships and usually play in the Australian Open team (2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 etc). I'm a Sydney bridge pro who plays, directs and teaches bridge. Perhaps my best recent result was 4th with Adam Wildavsky in the Platinum Pairs in Kansas City in March 2017.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Going minus 4000 when I should go minus 4600 and actually gaining a lot from it - google Smile Sweetly After Disaster for full story.
Regular Bridge Partners
Eric Leong, Sartaj Hans, Liz Sylvester, Tony Leibowitz, Martin Bloom, Jane Dawson, Elliott Kaplan and Elizabeth Gilbert.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
NSWBA in Sydney, Kings and Queens in Sydney, North Shore Bridge Club in Sydney
Favorite Tournaments
Gold Coast Bridge Congress in February in Australia, American Nationals
Favorite Conventions
I like to play my partner’s preferred bidding system, so I have played a huge variety of systems.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
John McAllister's bidding problem: AJT Axxx KJxx Kx
If I bid 3S on that hand and you bid 4D, I would raise to 5D. We are vulnerable at imps.
Confused old man
This long story is relevant to the concept of enjoying the foibles of oldies playing bridge, rather than being irritated by the unusual nature of the overlap between club bridge and aged care. Fifteen years ago I directed at a bridge club where Norma played. Norma found 28 husbands and ...
Confused old man
At the club where I direct, Mary Hogg went on a winning streak soon after her 100th birthday. I asked her if there was a reason why she had started coming first so often now that she was 100 years old. "Of course there is a connection, Peter," Mary replied ...
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
Thank you Andy for the sanity. And thank you to Richard P for the levity.
Peter Gill's bidding problem: A6 AT8 KJ T96542
The hand occurred in one of Kate McCallum's training sessions. The traditional expert approach might be to pass, as the voting suggests, but the bidders are a very strong group of players. Upsides of 2C include: - if partner can scrape up a 2H bid over 2C, 4H could make ...
Board 9, 22 January
!? ...
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
If you lick vape too much, even a vicarlike Dr chap can end up being a crook at the demon's table.
Peter Gill's bidding problem: KJT5 93 85 KJT95
Doubling 3C also tells partner what to lead if they bid 5H over 4S.
Peter Gill's bidding problem: KJT5 93 85 KJT95
At the Australian Nationals last week, Kate McCallum had the South cards but the explanation of 3C was that it was natural and forcing. Under those circumstances, she settled for 3S and sold out to 4H. When the correct explanation was determined by a Director to be the Bergen Raise ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: 762 AKQJT986 4 Q
The full hand is at The hand is also in the Bridgewinners article The Wait is Over by Nick Fahrer. If you bid 5H and they bid 6C or 6D, do you trust partner to make the decision ...

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