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Peter Fordham
Peter Fordham
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Sept. 23, 2015
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Dec. 14
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in final of NZ open teams C'ship 2000, screen mate for 64 boards, RHO, Geir Helgemo, on defence, I knew I had to switch to card from K10x with AJx in dummy to have chance to defeat contract. I selected K which proved to be good enough. Geir, graciously, privately said, "Well defended Peter. If you examine the possible spot layouts closely, you'll see that the 10 is slightly better." Geir, champion, gentleman, scholar.
Bridge Accomplishments
Int'l: Played one Bermuda Bowl[2001], two Far East/Asia Pacific C'ships [1985, 2001], several Zone 7 C'ships [winning 2001]. Nat'nl: Won most open teams c'ships in Australasia including both Aust. and NZ Open Teams and Aust. Seniors teams.. Represented Qld, ACT and NSW at Aust Nat'nl C'ships[Open]. ACBL: Won Montreal Regional KO teams 1986?
Regular Bridge Partners
Not currently playing regularly
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Favorite Tournaments
Australian Summer Festival of Bridge [includes National Open Teams and National Seniors Teams]
Favorite Conventions
The only good conventions are those that partner and I both understand thoroughly and use wisely.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Puposely revoking
I don't doubt that electronic gadgetry will overtake the game eventually, but I will go down with the current ship. I like to play cards, specifically bridge with pasteboard in my hands. There is a spatial element to the game that is lost in the electronic world. That is ...
Puposely revoking
@David Mac, Doubtless your opponent behaved badly, but your action of turning over his card is also specifically proscribed. Law 66D - After play ceases, the played and unplayed cards may be inspected to settle a claim of a revoke, or of the number of tricks won or lost; but no ...
ATB - too high and wrong strain (if there is one)
Richard, a la RATS from Lord Edgar, this hand gets everything 1 was Reasonable 2NT was Attractive 3 was Thoughtful; and 3NT was simply Scintillating Not often are all four levels of excrutiation (is that a word?) found in the one auction. Not only that but there was ...
Can you help me figure out if I am crazy or not?
I like this question because it draws attention to the manner in which bidding keeps evolving. When I first learned to play 1m (1) X was penalty, so removal suggested a shapely hand and if to a higher ranking suit likely 6-5 pattern Then along came take out or ...
Grade this call II
I've got Aces, shortage and four spades, ideal assets to take action. Would I be embarrassed to put this down in dummy if partner bid 2. Not at all. What about 4? Delighted, possibly makes, possibly good save against 4. Light but okay in my book.
Claim ruling poll
Michael, I understand that and respect your opinions. It just nags at me sometimes that players do know they have x tricks and their language is sloppy. Then they get jumped upon. Many moons ago in the finals of a national juniors tournament (That is many many moons ago) I ...
Claim ruling poll
There is another aspect to claims that rarely seems to get an airing in these discussions and that is - Law 74 - Conduct and Etiquette. B. Etiquette. As a matter of courtesy, a player should refrain from ... 4.prolonging play unnecessarily (as in playing on although he knows that all the ...
Switch in Time or Straight Ahead?
Charles, You may be right about hand construction, but the OP says that 4 is a puppet. I presume that required opener to bid 4. Partner might be void in hearts and have five trumps. Will heart cash help this defence?
How do you bid Qx Jx AKTxx AKQx
@HenryS, I quoted verbatim from RonK's book. What you say about the three honours out of top four, or four honours out of five is not part of what Ron says in that book. You may well be correct from other of Ron's writings that I do not ...
Switch in Time or Straight Ahead?
There is another clue that partner has the K. If partner held QJXX, since partner knows that declarer has at most two , partner can play the Q to deny the K without being concerned about setting up a diamond spot in dummy. Partner knows that either you or declarer ...
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