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Peter Fordham
Peter Fordham
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Sept. 23, 2015
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in final of NZ open teams C'ship 2000, screen mate for 64 boards, RHO, Geir Helgemo, on defence, I knew I had to switch to card from K10x with AJx in dummy to have chance to defeat contract. I selected K which proved to be good enough. Geir, graciously, privately said, "Well defended Peter. If you examine the possible spot layouts closely, you'll see that the 10 is slightly better." Geir, champion, gentleman, scholar.
Bridge Accomplishments
Int'l: Played one Bermuda Bowl[2001], two Far East/Asia Pacific C'ships [1985, 2001], several Zone 7 C'ships [winning 2001]. Nat'nl: Won most open teams c'ships in Australasia including both Aust. and NZ Open Teams and Aust. Seniors teams.. Represented Qld, ACT and NSW at Aust Nat'nl C'ships[Open]. ACBL: Won Montreal Regional KO teams 1986?
Regular Bridge Partners
Not currently playing regularly
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Favorite Tournaments
Australian Summer Festival of Bridge [includes National Open Teams and National Seniors Teams]
Favorite Conventions
The only good conventions are those that partner and I both understand thoroughly and use wisely.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Do you pass
Bidding on hands like this is clear if you have method to disclose both suits. Misfit is not a major concern. Partner will have three card or better support for one of your suits something like 75% of the time.
Do you pass
Voids are useful because they control suits if another suit is trumps. They do not usually add to your trick taking capacity when your long suit is trumps.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: QJ93 K A98763 52
X. Hope partner now on lead.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: --- AQ852 K9865 J52
My fabulous spade support tells me to Stop! Now!
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: J9875 QT K4 Q653
3. 2 probably is simply 'strong hand'. Show some and let partner proceed from there.
Paul Marjoram's bidding problem: xx xx JTxxx KQxx
4. Do not want West to jump to game, just bid game, or cue bid. It has reasonable prospect of ending there.
Gonzalo Guridi's bidding problem: AKQ8 AT8 AK5432 ---
Impeccable reasoning.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: Q AK763 AJ76 AQJ
1, but if my methods allow responder to explore opener' 5 bigger in major after 2NT opening, I don't mind that.
Nicholas France's bidding problem: 864 53 AKT843 A6
4 I asked myself two questions. Did 2 promise three card support. If Yes, partner must have a very fine hand indeed, not to have closed the auction in earlier. If No, then partner forced to game with 3 and now is seeking to know about ...
Jordan Kaye's bidding problem: --- 83 AJT9765 QJ95
Live a little David. Make the bid.
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