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Pete Matthews Jr
Pete Matthews Jr
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Aug. 3, 2016
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Feb. 7
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Bridge Player
about me

-- Lifetime student of the game of bridge, particularly interested in bidding systems and conventions.  Author of many bridge articles, often of the "survey" type, cataloging the main methods of dealing with a problem, with recommendations.  (Writing improves my own understanding as well as informing others.)  Often performs and describes computer simulations or bids hands with various methods to answer specific questions.

-- Author of materials for club directors and managers, including recommended movements, the BridgeMats program, and pre-fomatted table mats (some being the basis for products from vendors).

-- See my web site (  No ads, no charge.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Won Series B Pairs with Gary Schwartz at Orlando 2018 World Bridge Series, got to play in A finals.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gary Schwartz, Andrew Hanes, Stewart Rubenstein
Member of Bridge Club(s)
MIT/DL BC (former 11-year club manager), Westwood DBC (MA)
Favorite Tournaments
Warwick RI, Nashua NH, Tampa FL, DAYTIME MAIN EVENTS and good dinners!
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Slamming as Balanced Responder after 2NT Opening
Or maybe found a hidden card... Seems like "to play" makes the most sense, although the reason for the transfer might have been hope for a super-accept (or just auto-pilot). At least, nobody has a better & safer idea or a standard meaning.
Slamming as Balanced Responder after 2NT Opening
There may be cases where 1NT differs from a 2NT opening on these sequences, which is why I started with 2NT, although none comes to mind. I agree that 4NT is RKB if the major has been agreed as trump by a super-accept. Yes, 2NT - 3; 3 - 4NT ...
Slamming as Balanced Responder after 2NT Opening
Thanks. I did look, but gave up quickly; too many possible searches.
Opener Slamming after a 1M Response
1. applies to the alternative, non-EKB auction. 2. If partner has KQJx, with no side entry, then I don't think you can bring in a grand slam without the heart finesse. I want 75% or better for a grand slam. This does not look like an immediate GSF hand ...
Opener Slamming after a 1M Response
Dave & Steve, I can see the advantages of the mini-splinter. However, it is possible to deal sensibly with these hands without a mini-splinter. My strong preference is to play the jump reverse shows a strong hand with 3-card support. When non-touching suits have been bid, it deals well with the ...
Opener Slamming after a 1M Response
Mike, I have seen this done, and it makes sense. Thanks.
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Tom, Bo Haglund's DDS slots into Bridge Composer, which uses it to double-dummy individual or all deals in a file. Similarly, GIB and now WBridge5 slot into BC. DM Pro used to be painfully slow at double-dummy; I heard it got better a few years after I switched to ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
People like me are probably part of the "problem". At 71, retired, about 3900 MP, I spend much of my energy on bridge. I love to play against top competition, and do play some top-bracket KOs. Nevertheless, losing can get old in a hurry. People like me can play well ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Tom, 250 deals is useful, but the "gold standard" is 5000. That's would be 50 days for you, and maybe 3 days for BC/GIB. I'm running a lead simulation now, 1000 deals, four files. In about 10 hours, BC/GIB played 630 to 890 deals, on an ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
I reached today, but loading of pages was intermittently very slow and tended to time out. Likely a provider issue.
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