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Peiyush Jain
Peiyush Jain
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Nov. 19, 2012
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Software Engineer at Google.


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Opening leads against suit contracts from Jxxx and Txxx (no sequence) in an unbid suit
Look for a pair to complete a team for the Spingold in Vegas
Hi Nelson, We have already found a pair. Hope you find someone and good luck! Thanks.
A curiousity... Burt Marks proves bridge is a game of skill
False Card 2/2
Garozzo would be proud!
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
I am afraid we will very likely be left defending 5HX. Similar concerns with Pass. Assuming partner will take out to 5 with a singleton heart is wishful thinking (unless you have really discussed this auction, in which case I agree X is the most flexible bid). It is ...
ACBL Live Chrome Extension
The comment by Craig sounds like a polite feature request which could potentially improve the experience for everyone using the tool. Speaking as a software engineer, I would welcome such comments...
Director Ruling
If 2 is drury, the 2 bid is actually a good bid, IMO.
Bridge Players and the movie world
Louis Sachar. The movie Holes has been pretty successful. Barry Crane was associated with the TV series Mission Impossible and the movies based on those are pretty successful.
Advanced safety plays
5D, 1H and 3 clubs is 9 tricks for declarer. You don't want partner to cover!
Advanced safety plays
Yes! Hold onto the third spade and the small club to prevent declarer from figuring out the club situation. A similar hand (but simpler probably) I had blogged about earlier:

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