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Paul Weinstock
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Aug. 29, 2015
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about me

MScME Mechanical Engineer, Power Plant Maintenance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management experience.

Real expert, under World Class player, 7 World Championships, nothing to really brag about.

Happily married, two kids, both Software Engineers, my pride and joy.

Love wife,  bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order.


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Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
If only we would "put our money where our mouth is"... The bridge organizations, from WBF down, push towards bridge=sport, and in the same time implement ridiculous drop-in rules non existent anywhere else. Think for a moment if Federer, after retiring, would receive a place in the round of ...
Is ACBL Aiming for Ridicule?
Interesting, nobody mentioned the price of the tournament. It's $40 for 24x3 boards. Same number of boards can be played in BBO for $2.25 (or $7.50 including ACBL points). The difference is for the chance to win a "national" event. On the other hand, to actually attend ...
Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
Meike, with all respect and consideration of your position, we all have to remember that drop ins are not and should not be treated as an additional source of income for bridge professionals. The first and most important thing is permitting fair qualification of pairs going through all the stages ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
When we finally find someone from the top of bridge organizations wanting to speak here and /or do things under his own name, it's a bad idea to push him away on petty controversial discussion. Al, please continue to talk to us. :)
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
You hit the bulls-eye. Why we don't hear anything from the Spanish NBO ? If they want to be part of the EBL and WBF, they should state their position about the mountain of integrity, mr Trape, and his CBF. Actually the post of Gonzalo put the gun on the ...
Public statement from and myself
...The personal work of the mountain of integrity, mr Trape...
Public statement from and myself
All well, Gonzalo, we fully understand that mr Trape is a mountain of integrity, and he"ll go down in bridge history as the first partner of Fantoni after CAS' Monkeys Trail.
Public statement from and myself
Public statement from and myself
I beg to differ, David. "What you don't have is the right to demand that tournament organisers stop taking entries for their events and publish the entry lists far enough in advance that you can ascend to the moral high ground without leaving the depths of the over-stuffed armchair ...
Comments on the CAS Report
I don't like to see absolute and un-regulated power, especially for bridge organizations, but seems to me that the idea of uninviting people, as WBF did with Balicki and Zmudzinski, could be the best thing to do. Implement it everywhere and CAS will remain orphan bridge-wise.

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