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Paul Hightower
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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

United States of America

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Ogust Followup (with your cards!)
Hmm, 24 people apparently missed the instructions that selecting all would imply bidding 4 directly. Add 23 abstentions to the "3 or better" votes and it looks like 37 out of 60 favor the jump. Hard to be sure what I would've done at the table -- with ...
Ogust Followup (with your cards!)
Right. I bid 2NT intending to stop at 3 after a 3 reply. That appears to agree with the polling, while most comments are in favor of the leap to 4.
Weak two?
Agree. Beyond that, I do NOT vary the high card strength of a weak two with the vulnerability. I pay more attention to the suit quality. This suit is excellent -- I would not want to feel compelled to pass. Does this violate the Rule of 2/3/4? I never ...
Bill March's bidding problem: Q 84 A65 AKQ9862
I'm thinking club, club ruff, diamond, club ruff with variations (trump promotion, combined spade winner, two natural club or diamond winners.)
Bill March's bidding problem: Q 84 A65 AKQ9862
Changed my vote from 5 to pass. If partner has a stiff club, going plus against 4 seems fairly likely. Of course, against some opponents, bidding 5 would fetch an automatic 5.
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: AJT7 --- T62 AJ9633
Well, I'm not sure partner has 4 spades or that we want to play a 4-3 fit. 3NT, natural, for me. I expect a correction to 4 or that one of the minors will provide the tricks for what may be a 23 point game. Never mind, just ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: A7 AQ J975 AQ532
Partner's hand is worse than "constructive", so pass and hope the push worked. By the way, I would've opened 1NT.
David Parsons's lead problem: T6 Q8 972 KT9765
I don't want to lead from this hand! Oh, well, when a bunt is apt to result in a double play you might as well swing for the fences -- Q.
Henry Sun's bidding problem: --- T7643 K5 AT9753
My auction might've been (1)-1-1; 1-1NT; 2NT-pass. Might go down or make 3. I find myself in a lot of NT's where I'm staring at six or so tricks but wind up with nine or ten when the dust settles. This looks ...
Is This Unreasonable?
I'm surprised about the apparent inability on BBO to assign penalty points. BBO has been awarding ACBL master points for some years; I would assume the same is true for the EBU and other Regulating Authorities. Why are directors on BBO running ACBL etc. games not provided with the ...

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