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Paul Hightower
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

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Checkback off by passed hand?
Regarding 25 point games: we would certainly wish to bid these if we could arrange to play all combined 25 points at 3NT but all 24 or less at 1NT. But we can't -- opposite a three point opening or rebid range (15-17 or 12-14) the only way to insure ...
Checkback off by passed hand?
With 4-5, responder can choose between 2 on 4-3 or 3 on 5-3.
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: AKT865 J AKQ62 K
The stiff honors add virtually nothing to the hand's playing strength, they simply increase the risk of being passed out at 1. I'm going to take that risk. Nah, changed my mind. The stiff honors also reduce the risk of getting too high opposite useless values, and ...
Checkback off by passed hand?
Say responder has something like Q10xxx xx xx KJxx. After 1-1; 1NT we must, in fact, have an 8 card black suit fit, assuming 1 does not include hands with longer diamonds. No problem: bid 2, natural; opener will correct to 2 on 3433, Just ...
Checkback off by passed hand?
I would certainly not switch from NMF to 2 Checkback just for passed hand cases. None of my partners play 2 Checkback or XYZ, and they all play with other partners, so there's no way I'm going to push them to switch. For better or worse ...
Checkback off by passed hand?
Mike: I don't recall the exact numbers, but the effect of unbalanced high cards is fairly small from 12 opposite 13 up through 8 opposite 17. IIRC 3 opposite 22 plays about one point worse than 12 opposite 13, but perhaps someone can find the sim results.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: J3 J987643 AT7 K
Playing Ogust I'm happy to open this and show a good hand with a bad suit if partner asks.
Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
I would guess that those who think "not alertable" think "everybody plays this." Not so! To quote from Bridge World Standard: "Actions in sandwich position: Over an opposing opening bid and one-over-one response: (a) one natural;"
Forcing or not?
It should be noted that this auction absolutely fits the textbook definition of the New Suit Forcing principle: a new suit by responder, who is not a passed hand, over a suit bid by opener, is forcing. This is distinct from 1-1; 1NT-2, which is not over ...
Checkback off by passed hand?
Sure, and I and my partners pass most 11's with 5332 shape in first or second seat. But it's like when partner opens a 15-17 notrump and you hold 8 with no major -- is it worth raising to 2NT in case opener has 17? Polls here have said ...

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