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Paul Gipson
Paul Gipson
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July 29, 2010
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about me

Author of the Beer Card blog, living in the Scottish Borders. Our house is located in a very beautiful rural area overlooking the river Whiteadder. We have a retired rescue greyhound, Gillie, who keeps us busy when we are not playing bridge (me), Scrabble or knitting (Hels).

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing the Nickell team in the Spingold in Zia's first and last years in the team.
Bridge Accomplishments
Improving from the #106 seed in the Spingold to the #56 seed in the Vanderbilt over the past few years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Gipson, Helen Gipson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Berwick-upon-Tweed Bridge Club (
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Spring Foursomes, any ACBL National that I can get to
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to one club, transfers in competition (not for the faint-hearted)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Transfer breaks after 2NT
I believe that 'fitted transfers' over 2NT are the norm in France.
Bad bidding practices that you nevertheless see many long-time players engage in
Experienced does not equate with strong and there are many experienced club players who prefer to play as 'Advanced' to avoid beginners. Most players at my local club have been playing for over twenty years and they exhibit many of the traits above. A major reason for this is that ...
Is the double a comparable call?
[i]I'm amused by people quoting Michael Byrne[/i] It was, of course, put in solely for your amusement. It's no surprise that his suggestions for the majority of English Bridge readers, who play weak no trump and four-card majors, rarely come up in your discussions.
Is the double a comparable call?
I did look this up in English Bridge before commenting and Michael Byrnes' recommendation is 1C with 4144 unless your clubs are weak, when he said 1D was acceptable ( I would expect this to be expert standard. But despite my local club ...
Is the double a comparable call?
Most Acol players at my local club religiously open the suit below a singleton, despite my advice. So they would all open a classic takeout double of 2 with 1, which I believe would be sufficient to fail the comparable call criteria.
Software for scoring and live results presentation
Thanks to everyone who responded, including those who messaged me privately. You'll probably see the result of my deliberations in January.
Would you let 7!H stand?
Taking longer than the regulations say is normal is a long time to sign off after a key card auction. The initial reaction from partner will be, "I wonder what took him so long", and then partner *may* start thinking in a position he would not normally do so. Even ...
Second Thoughts about U31 Junior Event
Another ageist US-centric comment :) None of the current Scottish juniors has ever shuffled or dealt a pack of cards for bridge. The U16s may not even understand the concept.
U31 junior event
I'm sure the WBF will eventually catch up with itself -
U31 junior event
The initial reaction when I posted this to the Scottish Juniors has been positive. Scotland does not have anything like the number of juniors as England and have never qualified for the World Championships (or even finished about halfway in the Europeans). None of the players are professionals or semi-professional ...

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