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Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
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July 28, 2010
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2 hours ago
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about me

I always play my partner's system; that way it is her/his fault.

United States of America

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Kibitzing O. Jacoby in his last Reisinger session; Guessing a Queen on a 2-way finesse. Last happened 8:39 p.m., 23 June 1986
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Ian Wilson
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St Petersburg, FL
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N.A. Nationals
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Blue Team Club; Your convention card.
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Life Master
Poll: 1!C or 1!D when 4-4-3-2?
If "standard" is defined by what I would expect a new partner to do if we sat down and starting playing without discussion, I would assume partner would open 4=4=3=2 hands with 1. This is in the U.S., btw. If playing transfer responses to 1 ...
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
David: The author clearly stated that this is defined as a minimum opening for the partnership. If you can not accept that, change 2 to the J or the Q to the K or whatever you need to make the hand a minimum opener. The import of the discussion is ...
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
Assuming we are playing a strong 1NT opening, I would raise on the instant hand. With the same shape and a somewhat stronger hand, I would rebid 2.
Atb on a missed slam
I think 4NT by East over 4 is quite reasonable. However, I still am unlikely to get to slam. We MIGHT get pushed there if North bids 5 over West's 5, but it's still rather a magic shot that happens to work.
I DO NOT Know What To Say.
Richard: "Have to" is an overbid. "Expected to" is more accurate. It is important to note that many jobs in the U.S. do not pay living wages. Much of a parking attendant (or wait person's or ...) income comes from tips.
Steve Rogers's bidding problem: JT32 AJ987 953 6
Bidding with a 9 loser hand (well, 8 1/2 maybe) is looking for trouble. The up side, of course, is to help partner get off to a good lead. It also decreases the chance of partner being the opening leader to some extent. Even if it works on this ...
Punishing partner or ethical?
Charles: I applaud your ethics, but I also think you went a bit overboard. Bidding 2NT seems perfectly correct over 2. Partner should know you have 5 spades after your 2NT call. If you only had four spades and were looking for a heart stopper, you would not have ...
How to bid a strong hand?
Hamish, I agree. Richard done good. :) I could, of course, open 2 and rebid 2NT to show my balanced 23 count and then explain to my teammates why we went down in 3NT with 6 cold.
Bridge Winners or The Twilight Zone?
Jeff: Henry Bethe passed away some time ago. I think that's the point.
How should East-West get into this auction?
Tim: Sans screens, the Alert card is seldom used for Alerts, let alone Announcements.

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