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Paul Elstein
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March 28, 2013
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about me

Been playing for 55+ years, but am still at the intermediate level.  Have been teaching beginner bridge to seniors.  Strong believer in the 5Fs--fun, focus, forgive, forget, and if none of those work go into a private place to shout the 5th F.  Another f is for frustration; but we always come back to play in spite of it.

United States of America

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Coming in first in our section, the first day that my partner and I played in a Regional Tournament
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Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
Is the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" used anywhere other than the courts in some countries? And can't- you not be proven guilty, but not be innocent? (I'm looking at you, O.J. Simpson)
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
"I was stating a fact, a sad and ineffective one in my view. But you can decide how you want to read it." Not sure if it is a fact or your opinion. Definitely not sad. Arguably ineffective.
What would you say if you were director?
Thank you for your comments. This was a 499 game. ACBL listed some other tournaments that he has played in over the past couple of years. He clearly is not a novice,although I don't know how many years that he has been playing. Our 7 spade contract tied ...
Would you use a "smart" drug?
Have you ever tried playing without caffeine before 2pm? Might suprise you that you could do well without it.
Is Bridge "Dying" or are the demographics simply changing?
The dozens of people over 6o who take my beginner's bridge class would disagree with you David. And I know local teachers who have a lot more than dozens of newcomers. Obviously anecdotal, but I bet the more noted bridge teachers have many, many more retirees who want to ...
Is Bridge "Dying" or are the demographics simply changing?
Does it matter that the fields and players may be weaker as long as new people still want to learn and play bridge?
More baseball and bridge
When he was coaching, Billy Herman listed bridge as one of his hobbies.
The price of headaches is, he said...
"My understanding (if I'm wrong about this, please let me know) is that the motivation behind banning of drugs is that they are harmful to the athlete. Some athletes are willing (perhaps without realizing the dangers) to accept long term harm to their bodies in order to acquire the ...
Geir Helgemo reaches front page of reddit
My son saw it on Bloomberg News
Buchwald on Bridge
"Wrote a book "Too Soon to Say Goodbye". There was some financial issue as he outlived the six months allotted for Medicare hospice care." No. Medicare hospice care can continue beyond 6 months if the patient lives that long. In recent years, there have been a number of cases of ...

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