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Paul Elstein
Paul Elstein
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March 28, 2013
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about me

Been playing for 55+ years, but am still at the intermediate level.  Have been teaching beginner bridge to seniors.  Strong believer in the 5Fs--fun, focus, forgive, forget, and if none of those work go into a private place to shout the 5th F.  Another f is for frustration; but we always come back to play in spite of it.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Coming in first in our section, the first day that my partner and I played in a Regional Tournament
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Lessons and Power Point
I was using handouts made in powerpoint but not using the projector. After a few classes, I decided to save some trees by using a Word document as my handout
2 diamond bid weak
We had a somewhat similar situation last week. Opponent opened 2 diamonds, alerted as Flannery. I passed and opener's partner did as well as did mine. Opener's partner had 6 diamonds, 3 spades, 3 clubs and 1 heart. Their bid went down 4 tricks because we got them ...
Jeopardy Star - James Holzhauer - Plays Duplicate Bridge
“The sneaky tactic of taking a trick with a lower card when an opponent holds a higher one is known by this ‘delicate ‘term” 3/26/17 Jeopardy Calendar
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
"Gatlinburg, the worlds best regional." Is the world's or even the United States' best regional or just the largest?
Crunch Time
I think there are sound political reasons for not going to Turkey.
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
"The singular of data is anecdote." But the plural of anecdote is not data.
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
And the engineer says that the glass is twice the size as it needs to be.
Asking Laws questions during the game
"Presumably a player asking a scoring question has a reason. The most likely reason is they don't know the scoring. Perhaps they are a new player. Perhaps it's an unusual situation (a XX for example) Perhaps they played a lot of old school rubber bridge where 1-3-5-7-9 was ...
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
Is the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" used anywhere other than the courts in some countries? And can't- you not be proven guilty, but not be innocent? (I'm looking at you, O.J. Simpson)
Venice Bridge Tournament. Harris Pairs Withdraw.
"I was stating a fact, a sad and ineffective one in my view. But you can decide how you want to read it." Not sure if it is a fact or your opinion. Definitely not sad. Arguably ineffective.

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