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Selection Problems
John, the General Conditions of Contest already say exactly that (in paragraph 2.3).
Selection Problems
The minutes record that "The non-conflicted members of the Committee agreed that section 5.2 of the Conditions of Contest covered this eventuality, and that the TD could authorise emergency substitutions if necessary." (The TD was present at the Selection Committee meeting.) The Brock team was advised the same day ...
Score Adjustment in Berg v Lavazza
Very likely board 12"
Unwanted Gift
I'm reminded of Eric Rodwell's "Morton Fork Concession" (p173 of his book, I think it's originally a Hugh Kelsey hand). This is the position with West on lead against a heart contract, needing two more tricks to beat it: [code] 9 7 - 8 9 7 4 10 ...
Your Opinions, Please
The way the rules are commonly interpreted, "no agreement" is a safe answer in any situation which isn't covered by one's system card, even when (as very likely in this case) both partners have a pretty good idea what they play. I would prefer it to be otherwise ...
Play Tempo Ruling
I had a miscount on my hand, which is spaced differently from dummy's.
Play Tempo Ruling
It depends on the whole hand. I agree that a player is no more likely to hesitate with QJ than singleton Q. But I'd like to check whether there could be considerations making a falsecard attractive with QJx.
What card would you play now...?
K is clear. If West has A, a small spade won't (or shouldn't) work. If East has A, he may not have a heart, then we can get a heart loser away on a club. But it would be helpful to be told what happened in the heart ...
Find The Lady (a tough non-Bridge problem)
The win probability on the second round is not 25%. It's half the probability that it started at 4, given that it didn't start at 2. Which is 12.5%. The win probability on the third round is also not 25%.
Find The Lady (solution thread)
Still not quite right. Before the third guess, we've eliminated the possibility that it started in 2, or that it started in 4 and moved to three. So the probabilities for the starting positions are 2/7 for 1,3, or 5 and 1/7 for 4. It will ...
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