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Patrick Powers
Patrick Powers
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April 17, 2018
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June 24
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bridge player

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Light Overcall
Article should come with a weak overcall trigger warning. Kitt is claiming favorable vulnerability as a safe space.
Very Strange News?
"Laughable? Sporadic? Snipelike? (I want to say gallinagous, but the internet informs me that it is not (yet?) a word.) Intermittent?" Ostensible.
An unusual squeeze
I could have made my bid with ease With the Clash-Clash hexagonal hedgehog squeeze But alas my psyche proved unable To recognize this monster at the table I resorted to the Criss-Cross Ruffing Clash Heard London Calling from my punk rock past One by one the pasteboards fell With no ...
When Is It Good To Raise Partner's 1 Major Response With A 3 Cards Support?
I'd go with the 3S. That singleton is likely worth a trick in spades but not in diamonds. Besides, partner didn't like my diamonds and bid NT so I expect dummy to have little or no useful shape in diamonds.
BBO Misclaim - how should coordinator rule?
"It is my take, that it is a BBO tradition to claim silently, and play it out if the claim is refused." Being the strong silent type, I always preferred that. But I suppose declarer could get UI from knowing which defender refused the claim. Or the refusal of the ...
May Knockout Signups Open
At first I read that as Knockup Signouts.
After a game force, fourth suit means?
I'd say it's "show me what you've got extra, if anything."
10 Questions In Lockdown
1. Cutie Honey. Hilarious. 2. Bandmaid. The hardest hitting rock rhythm section ever, all beautiful and charming Japanese women. What's not to like? 3. If you could have one "celebrity" dead or alive over for tea who would it be? CL, a South Korean pop star who is famous ...
CHO Strikes Again
Yes, isn't that weird? SAYC isn't that complicated. You'd think people would take the trouble to learn it. But hardly anyone does. It tells you something about human psychology: people don't like to read the directions. When I was a little kid I was famous for ...
Responsibility for missed slam
Once you get 30 HCP the chance of missing two aces becomes quite small. In my opinion Blackwood becomes counterproductive. In this case the WEAK hand knows they have 30 HCP and two aces. The chance that East is missing two is tiny. The reason is what I call "spot ...
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