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4 or 5 card majors? Why not both! Legal in all ACBL charts
Jean-René Vernes, the "father" of Law of Totak Tricks,in the early 70s built such a system called "Majeure d'abord" (Major first, by priority) Also in years 1970-1971 I played an artificial system called "Béta " where 1M = Canapé 4 or 6+ cards 12-14H 1 = 12-14H with 5C M ...
To the Bulletin Office or Anti Cheating Committee?
No thanks for not having told us that 2 was not 4th best but attitude. Lost pleasure when I clicked on next.
4 or 5 card majors? Why not both! Legal in all ACBL charts
Immediately know if M is 4c or 5 c suits was JRV 1st idea in early 70s and also Pierre Collet's in "Introduction au Bridge Scientifique " (1964)from which "Beta" system.
Which bid is the artificial 3rd suit game force here?
It depends on many things, mainly if playng "Reverse Flannery" or not. Hence follow-ups are différent and then there are variants. I know 3 different " treatments" so won't go further: especially french views are different from american views. As usual Other is lacking. In my system 2 is ...
Does Responding 2!c to 1!s on a 3=4=4=2 Shape Require an Alert?
Not playing IMR would they alert 2 as a response to 1 with Kx(x) Qx(x) ARxxxx xx. What about a 1 response to a 1 opening with Qxx Kxx x ARxxxx? Ofc to bid 1M with 3c is not good for the system when ...
How to Handle Suspicions of Cheating in an Online Club Game
FWIW Excerpt "Introduction We are committed to maintaining a pleasant atmosphere on Bridge Base Online. Playing on this site should be seen as a privilege, not as a right. As you will see, our site maintains higher standards of conduct than most other ...
Advancing Partner's 1N Overcall
With such a hand I don't consider stopping below game. In french standard 4 shows both M (55). As I play 4 as TRSFR I could use 4 for M two suiter. As to show the 6th Richard sequence is the best one.
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
David,So I admit I misunderstood your comments.
Conduct this auction from the Balancing Seat
"if the list of answers was already exhaustive" Commentator experience is that list is seldom exhautive. Usual comment by OP : Other "There's always an other"
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