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Patrick Gaudart
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May 11, 2018
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Bid these hands
Out of interest, what is your gadget for showing 4M/5+ hands?
Pressure Bid Weak Twos -- Alertable?
Another question: In EBUland, where Weak Twos are announced as "Weak" (I don't know what is done elsewhere), should I say/do something different in the situations where it could be based on a 5 Card Suit? Or is it sufficient to have it written on my card?
Good modern book on 2/1 system recommendations please
It's not particularly modern, but I found Mike Lawrence's book on the two over one system to be a good general explanation.
How would you bid
I don't personally. The robot description was 7-10 Points 4+ Clubs.
How would you bid
At the time, I chose the first option: Bid 2, then pass 4. I did consider both doubling and raising to 5. Robot partner holds: QJ93 9 K96 Q8652
Why use Neuberg?
I have often wondered why a top is sometimes only worth 99% Now I know!
Muiderberg development doubt
Muiderberg development doubt
If 2NT is game forcing, it seems like it may be right to switch around the responses so that after 2/2 - 2NT; 3/3 show maximums and 3/3 show minimums. Leaves more room when opener is maximum. That being said, I have ...
Your opinion about a very weak preempt
I would open 2D if I could and 3D if I couldn't.
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
The exact same auction happened to me in a recent event. Luckily opener held 3-5-3-2 and responder 3-3-4-3 so 4 played fine!
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