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Oren Kriegel
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Aug. 7, 2010
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25. UChicago Class of 2016.

United States of America

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Making the semifinals of the Vanderbilt
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Top-10 finishes in the Platinum Pairs and Reisinger and semifinals of the Vanderbilt and Open Trials
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David Grainger, Greg Hinze, Barbara Kasle, Gaylor Kasle, Zachary Madden, Ron Smith
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Is it a demand or a suggestion?
2 was also a pretty gross misbid.
U31 junior event
That's a step in the wrong direction, imo. "Young ladies" sounds like the sort of thing a high school principal would say. Just call them women, which is what they are.
U31 junior event
It's fine if women want to refer to themselves as girls, but it strikes me as infantalizing for an organization to make the official name of a competition a "girls'" competition, when many of the competitors are over 20 and hold or are working for advanced degrees. And Mike ...
U31 junior event
The WBF naming scheme is absurd. The tournament is the World Youth Teams Championships, which is a pretty mediocre name, but the category names get worse. U16 = "Kids," OK that's not so bad. 15-year olds are definitely kids U21 = "Youngsters," OK, well to my ear youngsters are younger than ...
A unique hand
I was playing with Kit in the Buffett Cup as a sort of preemptive bid. He was protected from my holding the A though, as he had it.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
"even Oren thinks this" I do, although I didn't say that about your opponent's remarks. I said that if she had said, "f*** you," I would think that was proportionate (but inappropriate). I think her reaction was also proportionate, but not a great response. She reacted angrily, but ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Well, I've been invoked, so I might as well respond. I stand by "outrageously out of line." In my view, any gratuitous comment to an opponent is out of line. One that informs an opponent that they could have done better in the play, perhaps should have done better ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Peg, I chose the word "outrageously" because I would have been outraged if an opponent had spoken to me like that and Michael's opponent clearly was outraged. Michael's comment can be outrageously out of line and also well intentioned, and I believe that it was. It does Michael ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Yes, Steve, context is everything. A participant in an organized competition made a gratuitous remark to an opponent that could reasonably (and, I think, correctly) be construed as taunting. I don't doubt that Michael's intent was innocent, but intent isn't everything. But sure, allowances can be made ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Really? I think a proportional (but inappropriate) response by her would have been, "F*** you." She didn't speak eloquently, but one can hardly be surprised she reacted strongly. Michael's comment was outrageously out of line for bridge reasons but also social ones.

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