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Okan Zabunoglu
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March 22, 2013
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about me

I am an academic living in Ankara, Turkey. I started duplicate bridge around 1984 when I was a graduate student at ISU in Ames, Iowa.  (Thanks to the departed Harvey Burkholder, the director of Ames Bridge Club during those years.)

Nowadays, I can only make time for playing in one or two major national team tournaments in my country each year. I also help administrate the web page of my bridge club: (sorry, it is only in Turkish).

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Elegant because it is so simple!
Timo: As I already said, I cannot argue with that. However, it looks like a good idea and fun that we play a tournament (any kind) together when you come to and have time in Turkey. See you...
Elegant because it is so simple!
It's on the next page of the main article Stefan.
Elegant because it is so simple!
Hmmbrkf, interestingly good point. I cannot argue with that although the odds you mention are arguable, depending on bidding style of opponents (as you note). Anyway, I am still inclined to see my partner's line as best. :)
Elegant because it is so simple!
Erased since already implied above.
Elegant because it is so simple!
I didn't think about playing a at trick 3. Considering Stefan's layout, it looks the second best by a small margin.
A 6!C in sheep's clothing!
When West has the long s, it looks reasonable to play A, K (pitching a from dummy) and ruff a . The analysis (as far as I was able to manage): (1) When West has xxxx: Now, our s are good. We cash A, come to K, discard a ...
A 6!C in sheep's clothing!
In the original deal, West had: K52 QT Q863 JT76 Only 8 declarers made it out of 47 in 6.
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
I had once had a chance to play against the Schwartz Team (with Krekorian, Casen, Blanchard) at the first match in my only Spingold experience in the 1990s, and got knocked out right away. It was an unforgettable event... My condolences to his family and friends.
1!D - P - 1!H - 4!S - ?
Thanks a lot for your comments and/or the information you've given.
Test your timing
Recollecting the other articles of Liam Milne; I am still not sure about the catch in this one, and waiting for a conclusive statement from him. Happy new year.

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