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Nigel Kearney
Nigel Kearney
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Oct. 2, 2010
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about me

Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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You may not like it but it shouldn't be a mystery. A single raise on any hand that is too good to pass up to just less than a three card limit raise, is an extremely wide range and makes it very hard for opener. If you split that ...
Your Legal/Etiquette View
Law 7C > After play has finished ... no hand shall be > removed from the board unless a member of each > side, or the Director, is present. To me this suggests it is permitted to look and you don't need the permission of the opponent, or the laws would say so ...
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
If it was an expert I would assume weak twos in the majors and probably neither of us would be willing to risk opening 2 at all. If it was a non-expert, even if I correctly guessed Multi the problem would only be delayed because there is no common ...
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
I'm in New Zealand too and in casual partnerships I try to play whatever my partner wants except for MUD and Multi.
The Best Bridge Writer
Best book: Partnership Defence by Woolsey Best writer, in the sense of being able to write well: Mollo Best overall for intermediate/advanced (i.e. most people): Lawrence Best overall for experts: Kelsey
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
To me 2/1 is not a complete system. It is a method for responding to one of a major in a five card major system and includes a wide range 1NT response and game forcing new suit bids at the two level. It doesn't depend on opening NT ...
ATB - Wrong Spot
North bidding 4 instead of defending 3 is ok. You would normally expect one of those contracts is making. South should pass 4. If North wanted to invite he would have done something else.
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: 32 K432 AKJ9 AK2
You have no agreements about pass of a redouble but can assume partner is as strong a player as you are :)
Defining 2NT in Comp
These are my general principles: 1. By an unlimited hand 2NT is always natural except in specifically agreed situations, i.e. when they bid over our 1NT or partner doubles their weak two. 2.If both of us have passed previously or otherwise established that we lack the values for ...
BW 2/1: Jumps to 3NT
IMO fast arrival applies once you have agreed a suit. When more than one denomination is possible, jumps show extra values.
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