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Aug. 10, 2010
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Lars Mathiesen
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Tricky hand?
Craig: You play control responses after 2, and therefore get to know about partner's A and missing K, already in 1st round - very nice, so you know very early, that you are not stopping before at least the 6-level. On the other hand, unless you bid 2 ...
How high can you go?
You (and currently 55 unanimous Bridgewinners, who voted for T) are right! Though A is the best play from AJ9, it gains no imps in this field. The only positive(?) effect of playing A first time is to show Declarer, what he is up against!
How high can you go?
Not knowing the details of the newly developed artificial "SMART" system played by NS, I cannot reply to your comments, and even my suggestions of the meaning of the alerted bids are dubious. However, it seems clear that both North and South pushed (too) hard for slam. Probably South bid ...
How high can you go?
I believe a LHO holding AKJ9 in trump would try to force a trump on table by leading a 3rd round of , since his J would then secure 1 down in 5. Actually, this would not work since Opener surprisingly not only had doubleton , but also doubleton ...
How high can you go?
Exactly Kieran, this was the simple point of my poll. Actually, the national team level LHO did hold AJ9, but played low, so Declarer won the scary 5 easily. I believe that holding the 9 (no chance of Declarer playing for finessing the J wrongly), and knowing that Declarer ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I don't like this post and its title: neither the OP's public "shoot first, ask questions later"-criticism of the commentator, nor his apparent unfortunate comment, which may have reflected a moment of poor bridge judgement (we have all made that), and/or a spontaneous joke, which came ...
Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
Don't worry Ian, this is great gymnastics!
Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
If Zia holds AA, you know that 14 is the right answer, but Zia does not! From his viewpoint, Declarer could hold AQ (12) and you could hold AQQQ, or Declarer could hold QQQ (12) and you could hold AAQ!
Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
To Mike (Tanner, not Mike Declarer!), I agree with your calculation, but not with your conclusion: If Zia holds AA, there would - seen from his side - be 12 combinations, where Declarer has 6 hcps beyond the shown 6 hcps (KK): AQ (2x4=8 ways) or QQQ (1x4=4 ways), but ...
What card would you play now...?
3 for sure. I play bridge for fun - and it will absolutely make my day, if LHO plays low from an original holding of J98. I don't need a chance to come near 50%, if it can make my day! PS: If I make this one, my bridge friends ...

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