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Bridge player. IBPA member.

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San Diego Slow Play Penalties
Bridgescore+ ran a 2 session Swiss at the Atlanta Regional in September 2017. Everything is automated, logged and time-stamped so there are no excuses for a team being late. All players were warned before the event started and towards the end of each round that the ACBL CoC were going ...
Reisinger First Final: DIAMOND Continues to Lead
The OP had a trailing "." in the link. Does not show up in the text in the post, but is in the link. The ACBL web site is correctly handling an invalid URL with the 404 code. If you follow the link in the OP, then when it comes with ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
Ran a Swiss earlier in the week using Bridgescore+. I decided not to use Bridgemates; my decision not ACBLs. Bridgescore+ has run lots of Swiss events so this was an unremarkable event. There were 35 teams in BCD running Bridgescore+; there was a 36 team A/X running at the ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
It's a fact of life. At NABCs, players easily get lost so you do get some late shows. Same with regionals/sectionals. Sectionals are more laid back, DICs tend to know everyone so much more slack is given. At Regionals, similar. At the big regionals/Nationals, e.g. Gatlinburg ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
Bridgescore+ was used for the 10am KO. Bottom line: last sale 10:01:30; all assignments posted 10:03:18. Under 90 seconds. There were 56 teams. One stationary team (wheelchair, so assigned to an aisle). Sections were 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36. As the assignment would be strange ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
We ran Bridgescore+ for the 9am Compact KO. Actually a TD ran it, not me. Ran off to the side so they could see how Bridgescore+ worked. We had all assignments ready to post at 9:00:00 as no late entries. Sounds great, but only 14 teams. TDs were ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
To clarify the first slide in the above presentation: ACBL spent $1.5MM in re-writing ACBLscore+. An extra ~$100K was spent on an outside consultant after the contract was over verifying if the work delivered for this contract was good and usable. Outside consultant said the work delivered was very ...
Zimmermann-Gromov Lead Blue Ribbon Pairs
OK... OK.. .that one's not fair. Jason, ACBL does have a relational database. Several. ACBL uses a programming language (RPG) that probably predates you by at least a decade. Which means it existed before the formal definition of a relational database. ACBL's (internal) database has some very interesting ...
Jay Whipple District 9 Elected President 2018
Congratulations to Jay. ACBL is going to have to be very careful about conflicts-of-interest. Jay is the sole owner of a for-profit Florida company, "Bridge Finesse LLC" founded in June 2012. Jay was appointed to head the ACBL Technology committee about 3 years ago. Since then ACBL has awarded at ...
Table number for top seed
Changed about 3-5 years ago.

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