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Bridge player. IBPA member.

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Legal Aid Requested
I found the Walsh reference in his 2/1 book. Hardy. Two Over One Game Force. Seventh printing. March 1999. Page 76 “When responder has a minimum hand with three good spades and a singleton heart, his best bridge bid in response to the opening bid of one heart is ...
Legal Aid Requested
ACBL have Alert Charts, Alert Procedures, Alert Pamphlets, Convention Charts. They are not in sync with each other. The Convention Chart is considered the most recent. See Definitions. 3 card minor opening bids and responses are natural. You have a problem with ...
Legal Aid Requested
This was my original comment. It was incorrect. Left in so there is context for other later comments: -- Original That would be considered a 'method' and not be allowed. I'm not saying I like these rules; just that we have to all play by them in ACBL land. ACBL ...
Legal Aid Requested
Kit: You are correct. I'll edit my earlier reply. I was emailing ACBL last week about some other discrepancies between the various Convention Card/Pamphlet/Chart etc and got confused with this one.
Legal Aid Requested
Not allowed per ACBL Convention Chart. Must have 4 cards in a major. You are not allowed to have a system where certain awkward bids are conventional (such as the one you prescribe). Some of the 2/1 book (I think it is Walsh) also have recommended bids; but they ...
seeking information on ACBLscor's .MOV (movement) files
The format is relatively easy to deduce if you have a binary editor. I have some tools from ACBLscore+/Bridgescore+ that convert from MOV to HTML but nothing that I have released. I think using the ACBL tools is probably the easiest.
Dealing Cards
I would be suspicious. Here's why:
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
It did. The CAS panel chose not to accept this. From the CAS panel's perspective (from reading their report) they believed that they had lots of things to decide upon. Were FN cheating? From the bridge expert witness's testimony it did not seem so. The statistics were high ...
The Trombones vs the Dalmatians
South's pregnant dog met North's fed dog: Pregnant dogs occur (from a computer simulation) about every 0.18% of boards. Here's one from the Bermuda Bowl this year: http://www ...
The Trombones vs the Dalmatians Board 28.

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