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Nick Anand
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Feb. 22, 2016
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Rec player interested in improving my game.


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Toronto Bridge
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Steve Zolotow's bidding problem: K2 AKT653 763 92
This is 2H for us mortals, bidding a game forcing 3S over 2NT. If I'm playing precision, 1H.
Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: A854 KT982 --- 7642
South's first double is negative and could show 5 h if too weak. West's 2H is a cue bid in South's suit, so it supports east's spades. North's double IMHO is a support double in hearts showing 3 hearts support, since North doesn't know ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AJx x JT86x AQJ8
Pass, my biggest danger is missing a game. I feel like most times we're making game, partner will balance.
David Boxley's bidding problem: 964 KQJ62 K86 A4
xxx in spades makes me sure 3D is the right bid here.
Paula Leslie's bidding problem: KT872 T94 KT843 ---
5D, in case partner has bad diamonds, he'll bid 5H which I'll correct to 5S. At matchpoints, I might fly to 5S.
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: K73 QT3 K6 AKQ73
comment deleted nevermind
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 5 863 QT83 KQJ96
8 card fit at 3-level and vulnerable? I am bidding it at 3-level in Matchpoints. But just feel there's mostly downside at competing here.
Başak Ikizkaya's bidding problem: --- --- AAAAAA AAAAAAA
I'm gonna treat this as 6 top diamonds and 7 top clubs to at least give an answer. 7C
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: Q954 J632 J87 95
Pass then.....I think that cuts down the chance of 150.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 5 863 QT83 KQJ96
Pass, Board 28 could decide it, and I don't see room for drastic action here with any sense of expected value.
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