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June 17, 2015
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Fantoni live on BBO
Liability should be shifted to the tournament organisers who are abusing their viewgraph time in order to present e.g. known and former cheats to a wide bridge audience on BBO. Both should be banished from future viewgraph. What is required here is a basic set of regulations on behalf ...
Fantoni live on BBO
I am pretty sure that BBO didnˋt choose anything. It is up to the organisers of the tournament to select the table they want to have broadcasted. If they decide to have table 2 or...the last table of their torneo on BBO, this is what is going to get ...
Fantoni live on BBO
This is not about content like on twitter, facebook, youtube, this is about an appearance. But sometimes appearances will send out a message stronger than any content.
What's the position, post-Boye Revelations?
Following the DBV-judgement from 2016 P/S are suspended until Sept. 2021, with a 2 years probation period having started in Sept. 2019. So on a national level -within the DBV- they are allowed to play individually (with a different partner) on probation, which, afaik, did not happen so far.
Report on the 2019 World Championship and WBF Executive Council meeting
Are you advocating to replace the rules and regulations of the game by popular belief or popular vote?
Lost in Translation?
If this is the first book you read of this author, this would be the first impression. If this is e.g. the 10th book of this author one is starting to read, for me this would be his last book I ever touch.
Lost in Translation?
I can only congratulate your wife for her sane reaction! If part of this book is crap -in this case at least the introduction- who cares about the rest? One has to be a masochistic idiot to give the author a second chance for a first impression.
Guess the (non)finesse - or do we have enough clues?
The lead of d A convinces me that s/he got 6 clubs and therefore knows there is no trick in clubs to be made. So hearts split 2/2 and I play for the drop.
Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
Yes, watching this hand life on bbo everybody could see that declarer has chosen the losing line. In retrospect I think he might have chosen the best line, even though he was unlucky this time round. He wins if the K h is doubleton on any side and he avoids ...
Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
Why? K and J are missing now... I think I know what you mean, if Kxx is in front of the Q he would insert the K and force declarer in clubs, getting him too short in trumps for the spade-finess. So at the first decision point A or 10 ...

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