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Neal Smith
Neal Smith
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June 4, 2013
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March 20
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Bridge Player
about me

After 40 years as ACBL member, finally had time to play regularly starting in Jan 2013, and made LM June 2014.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Wins: Regional 0-20 pairs (1970s); D21 Flight C GNT, 1998; Phoenix (OR) Sectional Swiss, August 2013; Seaside (OR) Regional Gold Rush, Sep 2013; Sun River (OR) KO Bracket 2, May 2014; Medford Regional B Swiss, May 2017.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Phoenix, OR
Favorite Tournaments
Medford (OR) Regional, Seaside (OR) Regional, Sun River (OR) Regional
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The demise of "whether"
I agree, irregardless.
Doubly Good
Gosh. After reading the first "good" - winning, I thought the second "good" might be Sean proposing. Silly me.
ATB(Turn by Turn)
Let's see. You promised nothing on the first two rounds of bidding. Fully aware of that, partner Xed 5. Oh yes, that's a great time to introduce your J high suit!
Declarer's hand: Q65 T9862 K7 Q92. Declarer does not have sufficient entries to establish a trick for himself and can only come up to 8 tricks if North shifts to a . If returning partner's shift is classified as a blunder, OP must be a fine ...
Cover an Honor
I don't understand partner's lead of the 4 rather than the 2. That convinced me not to return a later.
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
Yes, dislike responder taking over with 4NT. If 1 key card is missing, responder cannot tell if there is a slam. If no keyxards are missing, responder cannot tell if there is a grand. 2C opener is captain here - responder provides information, does not ask questions and does not place ...
Cheating Polls & What is Upcoming
Did you know when you were targeting before you posted poll 1 and poll 2? best to get right to the point, instead of beating around the bush with polls. But you'd better provide strong evidence.
What has partner got?
I think it's very bad for partnerships to go around thinking partner forgot our system. I haven't had this exact auction, but I have had auctions where partner thought I'd lost it. On this construction, I'd much rather give partner the benefit of the doubt that ...
2019 Cavendish Pairs in Monaco
There is a very good reason to have a smaller carryover. In IMP pairs, you can win by trouncing just a few opponents and holding your own otherwise. In this event, suppose one pair is having an off day and giving away many IMPs. Since not everyone faces everyone at ...
Accept the Transfer
The older wording: "You play suit-preference at trick 1. 10, 9, 8 are, by priority, suit-preference high. 2, 3, 4 are, by priority, suit-preference low. 6, 5, 7 are, by priority, encouraging. " I may be mistaken, but I think there has been discussion elsewhere on BW whether defining specific meanings ...

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