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Neal Smith
Neal Smith
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June 4, 2013
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

After 40 years as ACBL member, finally had time to play regularly starting in Jan 2013, and made LM June 2014.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Wins: Regional 0-20 pairs (1970s); D21 Flight C GNT, 1998; Phoenix (OR) Sectional Swiss, August 2013; Seaside (OR) Regional Gold Rush, Sep 2013; Sun River (OR) KO Bracket 2, May 2014; Medford Regional B Swiss, May 2017.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Phoenix, OR
Favorite Tournaments
Medford (OR) Regional, Seaside (OR) Regional, Sun River (OR) Regional
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
I cheat
Gosh. If I had used UI as blatantly as South, I would not be posting the hand here. I'd be hiding under a rock.
Should this bid be alerted?
No novice is ready for the concept that a bid can show shortness. So I abstained.
GNT Format: Going Forward
A lot of comments to the effect that a 3-way final day is the problem. What everyone is overlooking is that D22 also uses a RR scored by VPs for a 4-way final day - depends on the number of entries. That's why I said above that the CoC should ...
Common False Preference
And a slow 2 gives UI to partner, who might have a max 5-5 for previous bidding.
Blue Over Red Boards
Had one board with a missing VUL sticker in a recent Swiss. Asked the director to replace it after our current match (other table had already played it).
GNT Format: Going Forward
I would have thought "No VP scoring on the final day" would be at the top of your list! Don't we want to discourage using VPs to score final day 3-way matches. What if one team loses both morning matches but is not in last place by VPs? Don ...
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Ummm. If East gave North the correct information, then he would have also bid 2. West would have corrected to 2. 2X would be -300. So, no adjustment.
Explainable, But How?
What is the correct TD decision and why?
Agree with James & John. The lack of a 5 bid by East makes one or more loses likely and therefore Pass by West a LA.
Scoring in Bridge
Sure, the examples you provide all occur. But eliminating any reward for overtricks also means there is no reward for finding the squeeze or endplay that lets you make an overtrick. We can choose to play in a game (matchpoints) that richly rewards such plays, or IMPs, which provides a ...

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