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Nadav Trumer
Nadav Trumer
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July 25
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Dec. 5
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Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: KQ QJ5 KQT3 KQ98
I just want to stress that I would like to hear Richard's say as well (seeing as he is the one who claimed to open 1NT) I agree that KQ doubleton doesn't carry 5 HCP. Are the KQ98 and KQTx suits worth more than 10 HCP in your ...
Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: KQ QJ5 KQT3 KQ98
I'm very interested in your choice of opening 1NT, and would like to hear more. Just to be clear, me and my partner play 1NT is 15-17. Do you open this 1NT because you believe this hand is worth 17 (such as 18 hcp 4333 hands)? Do you open ...
Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: 9 Q84 AK4 AQJ543
I assume what you mean by "that makes partner captain" is that you would bid pass?
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