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Murat Molva
Murat Molva
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May 19, 2013
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about me

Born 1960. I am a BBO-Yellow ("MolvaM").


I served as Vice-president on the Board of the Turkish Bridge Federation for 12 years.


I served on the WBF Youth/Kids Committees for 6 years on several functions as Daily Bulletin Co-Editor, Organizing Committee Member, Vu-graph organizer, Communication Officer, etc.


I have worked as the On-Site Organizer in all international WBF/EBL Championships hosted by The Turkish Bridge Federation:

- 2000, EBL European Youth Championships

- 2004, WBF World Bridge Olympiad

- 2007, EBL European Open Championships

- 2009, WBF World Youth Open Championships

- 2010, EBL European Champions Cup

- 2014, WBF World Youth Championships


I have represented Turkey as a member of the Turkish National Open Team in the European Teams Championship in 2014 Opatija/Croatia.


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Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
You probably heard the quote: “When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me” People try hard to play well and win tournaments ...
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Did he decide to come clean only because his conscience did not let him sleep peacefully? Or did he know or feel (or has beeen warned) that the authorities are closing in and he will soon be caught red handed? Hence, writing a “courageous” confession will prevent his expulsion from ...
This is how a bridge diagram looks in Flatland. If we were able to go up into the 3rd dimension we would actually be able to see the deal. I'm sure Prof Michio Kaku would explain it better if he would join us
Pick your poison
None of the options are poisonous. Playing with robots, I would pick the poison of a 2NT opening. With some luck, I have 8 tricks after a spade lead and the 9th trick will hopefully materialize in due course.
How TOGETHER results?
You can always see the hand records by clicking the "History" tab at the far right edge of your screen
Bridge clerihews
Claudio Nunes Seemed to play with exceptional finesse But he fell from grace When he did not cash his ace
ACBL Speeds Up Play and Monetizes NABC+ Events
You seem to have spent a lot of time preparing this post for the April 1st
Who would you invite?
Don't forget Piekarek or Smirnov. Their 4-year ban ends in less than 3 months (on 14 June 2020) as per this document:
Who would you invite?
"There might be bloodshed" Then Hercule Poirot must be invited n'est-ce pas?
Olympic Champ Sun Yang Banned 8 Years
@Nicolas, You do not say that some players are "suspects", you announce the information as concrete fact. How can you be so sure? Do you know their methods? Have you (or the top players who know them) done something about the issue? Have they been reported to the WBF or ...

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