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Morris Jones
Morris Jones
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Dec. 6, 2010
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April 19
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Teacher and Club Director, NAP Coordinator for District 23 (Los Angeles). Software engineer for DreamWorks Animation, amateur astronomer.

United States of America

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Silver Life Master
Tor Hylbom
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Two over one game forcing
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Club questions
I have a suggestion that I'm planning to offer at my next bridge club (2020). Offer a game with "shuffle, deal, play." Collect the boards either after or during the game as they pass through the movement. Feed the cards into the Dealer4 (or your machine of choice) using ...
Club questions
With a tiny sample of bridge hands (26) out of the possible universe of them the hands are virtually guaranteed to be biased in some way. So they're right! :)
Club questions
... or run web movements. :)
Club questions
(1) Big Deal is the generator to use (as Richard mentioned). Link it up to Bridge Composer so it will use it to generate hands and create hand records. This article on BridgeMojo has links to the sources for each of those. As for (2 ...
Evening games at the clubs
I personally find this very attractive. I hope you try it and let us know.
Director question
I asked Dave White, "At what point do you allow a partner to correct a mistake?" His answer was, "when it's obvious to everyone at the table." That description seems to fit this situation. Luckily no penalties required in this instance.
How to handle "anxious" newcomers?
I think if you offer a social game (a la Honors club), you need to think of it as a separate product with a separate market from the duplicate game. You're likely to see very little crossover from those players who don't, won't, can't, couldn't ...
Wanted: recommendations for a portable ACBLScore computer
Indeed part of the problem with my friend's existing computer is that it's an old XP machine, and can't be upgraded. It's also painfully slow.
Teachers, I could use some help
What Jeff said. Drop Mary a note.
Questions about running a Swiss team club game
1. Have helpers at the game. 2. Scoring manually empowers them to hold their own team matches at home -- and it's still how the ACBL tournaments are run.

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