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Morris Jones
Morris Jones
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Dec. 6, 2010
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Feb. 4
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Teacher and Club Director, NAP Coordinator for District 23 (Los Angeles). Software engineer for DreamWorks Animation, amateur astronomer.

United States of America

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Silver Life Master
Tor Hylbom
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Two over one game forcing
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Wanted: recommendations for a portable ACBLScore computer
Indeed part of the problem with my friend's existing computer is that it's an old XP machine, and can't be upgraded. It's also painfully slow.
Teachers, I could use some help
What Jeff said. Drop Mary a note.
Questions about running a Swiss team club game
1. Have helpers at the game. 2. Scoring manually empowers them to hold their own team matches at home -- and it's still how the ACBL tournaments are run.
Questions about running a Swiss team club game
At my non-Life Master club BridgeMojo I've held three Swiss Teams events this year. (It's our first year.) We play a shortened game on Monday evenings, usually 14 boards. So for the Swiss Team games, I planned to play three five-board matches. Nearly all of my players had ...
On the road to bridge: Whist
In Audrey Grant's Bridge Basics 1 you play a few hands of whist before advancing to Auction Bridge. It manages to include all of the things you mention: long suits, sequences, and so on.
Everything You Need to Start Play Bridge (???) -(Believe me I Know ) (NOT!!!!!!!) - New York Magazine
If people are buying bridge tables, bidding boxes, cards, and books, I'm tickled pink. Like the author said, the game "sucks you in."
Advice for new club owners?
Mike, it's true that you can register a domain name, and when someone types it in (or uses it as a link) you can redirect to bridgewebs. But the location that appears in the browser, the bookmark that's saved, and the link that appears in a Google search ...
Advice for new club owners?
I think the hardest part of running a modern bridge club is the IT work involved (Information Tech). I feel like my background as a software engineer gave me several major advantages: I could build my own web site that's unique, "mobile first" responsive design, and suits me better ...
Teachers, I could use some help
What if a hand is "published" in the form of a tournament or club hand record? I've never copyrighted my hand records, nor have I seen a (c) on an ACBL or TheCommonGame hand record. Is something created by any random algorithm a creative work? Here's a "yes ...
Teachers, I could use some help
I have this thought about once every 50 hands I play: "That was a great teaching hand. I should save it for a class." Of course I never do. :) It's true that the hands from other teachers and sources should not be considered public domain, but that leaves a ...

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