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handling interference over our 1NT opening
My experience after our 1NT opening is overcalled, is that it is best to give up showing invitational hands, either sign off or drive to game. After opener accepts the transfer, responder either passes (weak) or takes another bid (game forcing). One of the advantages of transfers is that responder ...
Rebidding a minor suit at the 4-level
I've called it that myself.
My Orlando Regional, ACBL masterpoints, and big players make big bids
David, Chris only uses data from pair games because the information from team games is not stored in the files. If it were, he'd be using that data also. The reason that some top players are not currently rated is that they haven't played enough pair games with ...
My Orlando Regional, ACBL masterpoints, and big players make big bids
The rating problem has been solved. It's been running in England for close to a decade (known as the NGS - National Grading System, I believe), and in the ACBL for nearly as long (Chris Champion Power Ratings - run from the Colorado Springs unit). The differences between the two systems ...
Rebidding a minor suit at the 4-level
Several years ago I had this auction (1m - 1M - 4m) with a partner who had 2500 master points. I just assumed she would understand it. She did not, and we wound up in 7m down 1, with 6M cold. She asked about it later, and I told her that it ...
Struggle in 3NT
What was wrong with this line was that no one else managed to go down 3, so we got a goose egg. Frankly, that evening I couldn't understand why no one else tried the same thing. I was just hoping to find out what better players might do to ...
A Gold Rush win worth reporting
It's called Gold Rush because the top overall finishers win gold points, which are needed to become Life Master. There are also Gold Rush pair games.
East has a 5 loser hand and opener jumped. I agree that a diamond cue should show an honor, not shortness. How about : 1D - 1S 3S - 4C 4H - 4NT etc. West bypassing the chance to cue in diamonds is music to East.
1NT overcall with a small singleton? Legal or Not in ACBL??
Thanks Ed.
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
It would be interesting to figure this out, but I'm not volunteering for the job.

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