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Oct. 16, 2016
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Co-author with Sally Brock No-Trump Bidding (Master Bridge Series) 2005; author of several e-books exclusively available on Amazon; occasional contributor to Bridge World magazine

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Daily Mail Cup 1971; Rixi Markus Cup 1977; Regional Masters Pairs 2009 & 2010; National Pairs (Midlands) 2016
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We Double Their Michaels
I agree too. Nobody plays 1 - (2) - X as penalties any more (do they?) so why play this as penalty-seeking? Being able to double one of their suits is ineffective - they will always bid the other one. (On a different soapbox, I see little value in 1any - (X ...
what is 4!d?
4m = m + OM
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Not heard of the acronym VTP before, but it is very effective against a weak no-trump too
One Major – Two No trumps (The New Jacoby 2NT) Query
As pointed out above, 1M-2NT as LR+ rather than GF is commoner in Europe than in the US. I think this stems from Acol 1M-3M NF vs Culbertson 1M-3M GF. Can any Bergenites demonstrate that having three different ways to show a LR actually helps?
What is 4!S?
This one is easy for me. I wouldn't bypass 3NT with only two spades, so 4 shows 3 spades and 4(+) diamonds. 4 is choice of games. Mind you, it's somewhat easier if you play second-round transfers (2NT = clubs, 3 = diamonds)
A specific hcp count - how often?
The advantages of a 4th seat weak 1NT are (a) no-one has a penalty double; (b) game is sufficiently unlikely that there is no need to play complex methods to investigate, so transfers are off, 2D is a natural weak take-out (if not playing a weak 2D opening), 3-level bids ...
A specific hcp count - how often?
True. Based on a simulation I ran a couple of months ago, the figures are 1st seat:20%; 2nd seat 25%; 3rd seat 33%; 4th seat: 47%. The relative proportions (see Rosalind's comment below) also shift towards the higher end.
Keycard Responses to 2NT
Baron is by a long way the weakest of the conventional 3 responses to 2NT. It wrong-sides many contracts, and misses 5-3 fits.
Raising an invitational bid
Doug as it happens, I've just been re-reading your Bridge World articles on transfer doubles. I think the use of a double as a constructive raise, with or without the addition of transfers, is an important theoretical advance. For instance, the standard use of a negative double by advancer ...
When does a "Takeout Double" of 1!C become Ineffective?
I disagree that the holders of the 19-count did anything stupid. There is no suitable bid in the defensive bidding lexicon for that hand, so they took the only sensible action and passed. Just as they (and you and I) would have done with a 2=6=3=2 19-point ...
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