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Mike Wenble
Mike Wenble
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Oct. 16, 2016
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about me

Co-author with Sally Brock No-Trump Bidding (Master Bridge Series) 2005; author of several e-books on various aspects of bidding exclusively available on Amazon; occasional contributor to Bridge World magazine

United Kingdom

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Daily Mail Cup 1971; Rixi Markus Cup 1977; Regional Masters Pairs 2009 & 2010; National Pairs (Midlands) 2016
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This sequence has caught me out twice recently, when, in relatively untried partnerships, I doubled to show 4 spades (which I take to be the default without discussion) and partner took it as responsive. So, as always in these matters, it depends on agreement. Interesting follow-up question: as responder in ...
Methods after 2NT
Thanks Mats
Eken 2H opening
Eken 2H opening
I find penalty-interest doubles of two-suited overcalls (Michaels, UNT) to be singularly ineffective. Complete misfits, when you can double both their suits, are rare; and if you can only double one of their suits they will have a fit in the other one. The same applies here: if you have ...
System Design Question - Mixing Response Ranges - Strong Pass/!C methods
Chris I don't recall ever having to face this problem, but I don't see why we would have fared any better if we had been playing a different response structure. Ian the 0-3/10+ ranges were chosen on the grounds that they occurred with approximately equal frequency (unlike ...
System Design Question - Mixing Response Ranges - Strong Pass/!C methods
I have played a Strong Club system where 1 - 1 was either 0-3 or 10+, and everything other response was semi-positive. It worked very effectively.
Bridge clerihews
Alphonse Moyse Showed great poise Playing 4-3 fits With uneven splits
Bridge clerihews
Clerihews Might amuse Something we need in these troubling times (The scansion's rubbish but at least it rhymes)
Bridge clerihews
David Burn Has much to learn It seems he thinks My poetry stinks -- W. Wordsworth
Nursery Rhymes
[code] ♠1042 ♥83 ♦5 ♣10865432 ♠965 ♠K73 ♥9764 ♥AQJ105 ♦9864 ♦K1072 ♣K9 ♣7 ♠AQJ8 ♥K2 ♦AQJ3 ♣AQJ Four-and-twenty Miltons What a lovely hand Shall I bid a small slam? Or will it be a grand? Then opponents opened Now there's a rotten thing When I had three ace-queen-jacks And ...
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