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Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
If Zia was truly partnering me he likely wouldn't waste the brain cells, reasoning that all my other decisions had been wrong so passing it to me has to be in his favor.
Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
Ignoring the Js, Zia can have three combos: AA, AAQ, AQQ. If he has AA then he will guess 14 since from his perspective there are more combos where the missing AAQQQQ can split 8-8 vs 10-6. If he guesses 14 he's either right or wrong (Mike says he ...
Effective Training Suggestions?
I'm also very interested in this and I've been watching for responses. Since there's none so far I will keep this alive by pointing you to this prior thread: It's not exactly on topic, but close. There are responses (Ross ...
2/1 structure question (major suit agreement at 2-level)
Yes. Fred commented informally on BBO forums, which is captured in this old BW post: There have been other posts on BW, like this series of posts:
BBO format
A few people have implied that since the Windows version is no longer being developed there is "little cost" to BBO to allow it to continue. I don't have any direct knowledge of BBOs architecture, but two possible costs are: 1: [b]Servers/hosting:[/b] different servers are likely ...
Seeking Ideas on How to Increase Attendance at Sectional Sunday Swiss
We started doing preduped boards at our unit's sectional Swisses last year. We do the best we can -- and dupe as many board sets as we can, and we only do it for the last 5 rounds (using sets of 36 boards - 7 boards per round). And we only ...
Sectional, pre registration, pre payment?
This one?
Canadian Online Teams Championship--on BBO
Last years results are here: Click on the "Open" or "Womens" buttons to see the match details.
Canadian Online Teams Championship--on BBO
The Open and 0-2500 events are scheduled at the same default time 5:00pm Sundays (captains can negotiate other times). So playing in both would create a lot of scheduling hassle.
ACBL Bulletin Description of Standard After Opener's Jump Shift
The Billy Miller column in the same Bulletin deals w the same auction, in this case 1-1NT-3. His comment is: "... 3 is just a preference with a wide range, usually showing a doubleton spade. ... a jump to 4 on this auction should announce that you have ...

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