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Mike Sueirro
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Jan. 30, 2012
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Sept. 14
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Request to Teachers: Knock It Off with the dang POINT COUNT!
Get real! I've had rank beginners that can't sort a hand and you want me to talk to them about a coup?
D11 Report on the BoG Las Vegas Meeting
Thanks for taking the time to give us this report.
Mnemonics, Acronyms, or Abbreviations
I'm a retired Navy officer. In the Navy we refer to helicopters as a helo. So I use that to remind players how to give count. H = High E = Even L = Low O = Odd Works great.
Advertising your club
We don't publicize the club at all, but we do use, as Chris does, the ACBL cooperative advertising program to help us advertise beginning lessons. It isn't a huge success, but usually brings in about 10%- 15% of the numbers we get. We're also trying to use ...
Dealing machine issues?
I've had similar problems, but with specific cards. It was always a case of having the ink on the character or suit icon flaking off a tiny bit. Rotate the card and it was fine. I've also used pens of matching color to 'fix' the discrepancy. Something similar ...
How to handle "anxious" newcomers?
" they still don't understand that 1H-1S (Standard American bidding) is an unlimited bid, whereas 1H-2H is a limited bid. Many of them don't remember that 2NT as a response is different than 2NT as an opener, despite taking lessons from me for at least a year now. " I ...
The Jones
How about red points for non-tournament activities? Special club-level events that are held perhaps quarterly? Right now, if they happen at all, they are usually half red/half black. Why so restrictive? And in my club they are generally only available in Open level games. NLM games get short shrift ...
Club Play #2...Poll.
I play once or twice per week at my club, and usually teach once per week.
Going Wild
Just do a daily synopsis instead of getting every email.
In Savannah we run two full 20 week series per year for beginners. At the start of each series we run a newspaper ad. It's a 2", one column wide ad, and has been the same ad for probably 10 years. It usually produces a few new people. The ...
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