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Mike Nelson
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March 29, 2011
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Kickback Konfusion
Like Gabor says, opener [i]has[/i] denied spades.
It's Your invitation
The only decision is whether to bother inviting or just bid game. In a "pass or bash" on balanced hands method, I'm definitely reaching for Hamman's hammer (3NT). I may have seen better 8-counts, but I don't recall when.
Super-accepting after 1NT opener
I've done OK super accepting with 3M = max values, 4 trumps, not 4333. Gives no information to the defense except "I've got a doubleton if you can find it", which was odds on anyway.
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
I'm not sure you are wrong, I'm used to playing Precision where this hand is an an obvious (though maximum) 1.
After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
Not sure I follow that, Gonzalo, assuming checkback/XYZ is in use.
Can you play lebensohl here?
Marty Bergen's rule that 2NT in competition is never natural is playable, but I am less sure about how he distinguishes Good-Bad 2NT from Scrambling 2NT.
What's the correct ruling?
As South, I would ask director to roll it I back. I would apologize to North for hesitating at the wrong time, if I had to take one, it would be better to huddle before bidding 5NT, or better, before bidding 4NT. Never ask a question unless you are prepared ...
What's the correct ruling?
Exactly, strategically. Director should view the self serving statements the perpetrators will make with a much greater degree of skepticism than in the more normal case. Is it not 99% certain that "I was going to bid 7 anyway" is not merely self-serving but a bald-faced lie? Part of ...
Reflex Duck
Yes, I really like 2 which either gets us to 3 making easily or East hammers 3 if they take the push.
What's the correct ruling?
IMHO, "Hesitation Blackwood" auctions are a case where "if it hesitates, shoot it" is the [b]right[/b] approach.

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