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March 29, 2011
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Prepare the Auction
If 1-4NT were RKC for hearts,I'd bid it, but it isn't so 1-2NT-any-4NT. I have tools to ask length after Jacoby but I'm not using them here: 3 keys and Q fetches 7NT from me, even if partner has only five.
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
Not at all the same. The phone question is about conditions in the playing room, a revoke is about the actual play of the cards.
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
Exactly, West is a lot closer to pass than 4.
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
I'd like to asks a question here: is the phrase "is not obligated to do X" a synonym for "is obligated not to do X"? An example, spades trump, heart led, you have a heart void. Now this being Bridge and not Pinochle, you are not obligated to play ...
How weak is an opener in Standard 2/1
According to the modified Danny Kleinman count I favor, this evaluates to an 11+ pass with a small spot, while the ten would make it 12- and an opener. I would follow this at teams, but the difference is too slight to buck the field at pairs.
Do different kinds of values influence preference of playing in trumps or notrump?
Hard = suit, soft = NT, with one exception. If the issue is 3NT vs. 4M with a long running major, hard = 3NT, soft = 4M.
To Beer or Not to Beer?
Law 102: if there is any dispute about the beer card, director gets the beer, he/she will need it.
Rule this Claim!
For clarity, I am advocating a change in the law, not interpreting existing law. As a director in 2018 I would allow or disallow the claim based on my perception of declarer's skill level.
Rule this Claim!
Yes. The law IMHO should induce the behavior "make a complete and accurate claim statement. If this is too hard now, play another trick or so till it gets easy." In the example, make a claim [i]after[/i] taking the free finesse in clubs and unblocking Q. Anything less ...
To Beer or Not to Beer?
Might depend on gender, attractiveness, and availability of partner, too.

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