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One question: Is there an official list where players promise they will boycott any event that FN (individually or as a pair) or similar play in? Saying Me Too here does nothing. For it to work, three has to be a bite to it. And the list has to include ...
Donald, when I hear the term "cheaters" tossed about, I almost always assume that means the user has lost the argument and resorts to epithets.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Ed, you have it backward. I don't know anyone who claims that saying he is not guilty is evidence of guilt. They are saying it is not evidence of innocence.
Mike Ma's bidding problem: Qxxx x AKTxx AQx
You will need 3-3 (or J drops, but I am not sure if the T is correct in the hand shown) or finesse. But on a lead, you can't test both. Real bad is an exaggeration. But you now what I mean.
Double of an "either/or bid"
What would be the stayman bid?
Mike Ma's bidding problem: Qxxx x AKTxx AQx
Ben, good analysis. On the flip side if partner has 5=2=2=4, with the Q but not K, then 7 is real bad. Strangely, it took getting to 7 for a good score on this board. Overcaller had 5=3=3=2 with Q but no K.
Table feel vs Cheating
Jim, sorry, I did not understand your rule before. I thought it was points + length of suit.
Who ws Ken W?
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Bill, please define successful. World champions? Regional winners? Forgive me if I don't know who has done what with Fantunes other than Fantunes themselves.. But it would help low level people like myself to know how successful Fatunes bidding system is,
To Slam or Not to Slam
When partner makes a Q ask with 5, he definitely does not have the Q. Bidding 5M denies Q. Anything else promises Q. The partnership can decide what 5N and 6M means about outside K. Here, by bidding beyond 5M, you are just confirming 3 KC as opposed to ...

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