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A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Not being able to open strong 1 with this hand is completely different from forcing 2. If you are playing limited opening, there is no way to force after opening 1 in many partnership, the hand therefore becomes unbiddable. That is not the case for forcing 2 ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Steven, why is 1 a distortion? The chance of getting passed out is basically 0. You have a forcing 3 rebid available. If opponents interfere, that creates some problem, but so will they over 2 (different kind of problem). When you open 1 and start bidding ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Marty, you and I are in agreement.
Dodge a Bullet
Gary, I have no probem with alerting and then explain as + higher or shenanigan. I do have a problem with saying shenanigan is just Bridge unless it is common in the circle of players. I did say in an earlier comment that if this is just Bridge in expert ...
Is this X takeout or penalty?
I am surprised N did not bid 2 over your X.
exclusion double
I think the well known example of this is playing Cappelletti 2 and doubling responder's bid to show values and support for whichever is overcall's suit. I have never heard it called Exclusion X.
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Sorry, that was not what I intended or meant. E.g. referring the Rosenbergs as a wonderful Bridge family would be perfectly fine. My point was that when the personal relationship is relevant, there is nothing wrong to point to it. Otherwise, it is gratuitous.
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Oren, on this topic, Michael and Debbie commented here as individuals (thus far). When one makes a gratuitous reference to their husband and wife relationship, it has an implication that that influences their objectivity on the comment of the other. I am sure Marty did not mean to imply that ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Ed, what do you have against yourself?
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Marty, when you are discussing in a public forum, it is best not to refer to people's personal relationship unless it is relevant to what you are saying.

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