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Active Ethics?
Are you saying every comment has to be relevant to OP, even when responding to a comment? Anyway, if this is all abstract to you, that is your choice. I happen to think it is practical consequence for me.
Active Ethics?
Laws change. If a overwhelming majority deems current laws to be "unethical", don't you think they should change? But first, we have to decide for ourselves what are unethical and spread the word where appropriate. It has nothing to do with situational ethics. I simply don't understand those ...
Active Ethics?
Ed, It is not my place to tell others what is ethical at the table. I may volunteer what I think is ethical FOR MYSELF if I deem it appropriate. Ray, so one's sense of ethics cannot change?
Active Ethics?
Who said anything about ethics hearing? Ethics is what is in yourself. Do you want to stop others from exploring their sense of ethics?
Active Ethics?
Actually I think it is an ethics issue. Partner's non-alert has put your side in a bad situation. Suppose you were always going to bid 4 (let say the only way responder can put the contract there is go through 2 first). Now you know if you ...
Active Ethics?
If you bid 4, then call the director even if opponents don't. And accept the ruling that if you make, it will be rolled back to 2, and if not, then you keep the negative score.
Very Unusual Notrump
Art, if you are there purely to qualify for NAP, why do you care about masterpoints? Surely it does not take anything to get 50%?
Reflected UI
I don't even want to play this. But what good is it to not do it. He would forget the other way.
Reflected UI
PS to my last comment. if my reasoning was less than ethical, I would like to know it.
Very Unusual Notrump
Art, is qualifying ever in question? It takes about a 48% to qualify over here.

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