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Double of Sandwich 1NT
Mike SS, your RHO and LHO are not agreeing about their bids, they are agreeing that they hate each other.
Missed Game
Steve, as noted before, the issue is does this depend on vulnerability. I think we all agree that the minimum suit for red is not the same as for white (perhaps also determined by opponents' vul), so bad suit white can be worse than bad suit red. But is the ...
Meaning of 1m-1!s; 1NT-2!h
Rohit, yes, but which is which? They always know.
Can you get to game here?
Because N has one, and given the BOP X only promises 2+, on the average S will have roughly 3.
How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
Sorry, wrong thread. Deleted.
Can you get to game here?
I would X 3 as S as a BOP X, which means 2+ and 10+ points. On N's side, the K is probably useless on defense and offense. With this aggressive bidding by E, the AK and KQ will likely give 2 defensive tricks, and S will ...
Double of Sandwich 1NT
Missed Game
Len, for me AQJxxx is a good suit red, but AQxxxx is not. I don't know what standard is. The important thing is to have an agreement. Otherwise the Ogust bid is meaningless or worse.
Double of Sandwich 1NT
And what is the point range for doubling? 18-19? 15+ unbalanced (assume playing 15-17 NT)?
Double of Sandwich 1NT
It is always nice when two people agree completely.

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