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ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
Ping, that is why there should be a boundary of when the gray area of upgrading ends. If someone upgrades with AQTxx, then someone will do it with AQxxx, then KQxxx etc down to Qxxxx. Is hcp the best way to do it? Maybe not, but at least ir is ...
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
The whole point about rules is if you make a clear line, ethical people will abide by it. Whereas when the line is wishy washy, even ethical people, because of human nature, will convince themselves it is judgement. If ethical people don't like the rules and want to challenge ...
ACBL convention chart - Psyches
I wonder why there is such a strong correlation between the judgement to upgrade to open 1NT and third seat opening. Same hand would be open 1m at other seats, but once it is 3rd seat, judgment kicks in.
ACBL convention chart - Psyches
It is about a level playing field. What exactly is the problem with a lower limit to when you can use judgment to NT opening? When I use "judgment", I get penalized, when someone who the director fears, it is fine.
Philly Slam Poll 1 of 3: ATB missed 6!S
How can partner show slam interest before your side establishes trump suit?
Philly Slam Poll 1 of 3: ATB missed 6!S
You make a faked JS, partner bids 3, now what?
Do you pass
Randy, I fail to understand how keeping the option open of playing in a M after e.g. a Mathe X rules out not playing in a M when other options are better. An anecdote: A long time ago in a regional, we played against Rodwell and his client in ...
Do you pass
Randy, you play in 4M when they will run 5 tricks in the OM on you in NT. It does not matter how rare you would want to play in 4M, only whether you can when it is right. Playing Precision, should we let their Mathe X of 1 ...
Do you pass
Randy, why should opponent promising at least 4-4 in M eliminate the M's as trumps for your side?
What will keep you coming back to NABCs?
Make everything free, accommodation, food, airfare, and entries. :-) Plus, reimburse my time while they are at it. :-)

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