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Is this double take out or lead directing?
What would Captain America say?
Over Their Weak Notrump
When they open strong NT, our primary objective is to obstruct them, so bids that contain multi number of possibilities are not necessarily bad or even preferred. When they open a weak NT, our objective is to bid constructive, so bids that don't let partner know what your suit ...
Blind spot
When I' lucky I will be making or overtrick and teammates will praise how well I play, When I am unlucky I will go down, and teammates will curse why they ever agreed to have me on the team.
Foolish or Brilliant?
trump coup is not allowed for posting on BW.
Foolish or Brilliant?
I agree about the finessing part, although I love practice finesse :-) OTOH, I am not sure bidding 3 over 2 is the best strategy. A lot depends on the agreement about what responder's next bid (3, 3, 3NT) means.
Foolish or Brilliant?
I don't understand why declarer cannot be 4=1=3=5.
The Bidding Box #4 (ACBL Bulletin, June 2019)
Michael, except you know the hands are not that straight forward (say 1M - 2M - 4M), and that there will be variations depending on methods and/or judgments.
More Trouble Doubles
Play the same as if you X their 1NT opening for penalty. In particular, follow Kaplan Weinstein. So P is forcing to 2. X is TO etc.
YAC (Yet another claim)
How can it be more clear than what Richard Pavlicek said?
Mike Ma's bidding problem: Kxx Jxxx KJxx AJ
Of course you are right. In general, support double works well with Precision because opener's hand is limited. However, in this case, when responder only has 4 spades but 2 hearts, the question is whether there is a way in imps to avoid bidding 7 over 7 vulnerable.

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