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Craig, if you are playing the Blue Team Rule, it will be way below 50%. :-)
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John, there are two issues. 1) How to evaluate a hand in response to TO x, and 2) what is the minimum evaluation points to jump to 2M. If having a 5 card suit is worth more than 1 extra point, that is fine and people can argue about that.
where did east-west go wrong on this hand
The lead may be far from obvious, but the switch after S takes a is not. W has no entry to dummy without losing a or playing herself.
Double of an "either/or bid"
Cornelia, I disagree. The weakness of those unspecified suit(s) is the advancer does not know what the suit(s) is/are. You do not want to let them have a free go at finding it out. Here, if you don't have a way to right away know if ...
Mike Ma's bidding problem: Qxxx x AKTxx AQx
Ben, in vacuum, diamond coming in is a good % assuming the T is accurate. But given W has 7 and we need to be at worst 3-1, it is not so good.
One question: Is there an official list where players promise they will boycott any event that FN (individually or as a pair) or similar play in? Saying Me Too here does nothing. For it to work, three has to be a bite to it. And the list has to include ...
Donald, when I hear the term "cheaters" tossed about, I almost always assume that means the user has lost the argument and resorts to epithets.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Ed, you have it backward. I don't know anyone who claims that saying he is not guilty is evidence of guilt. They are saying it is not evidence of innocence.
Mike Ma's bidding problem: Qxxx x AKTxx AQx
You will need 3-3 (or J drops, but I am not sure if the T is correct in the hand shown) or finesse. But on a lead, you can't test both. Real bad is an exaggeration. But you now what I mean.
Double of an "either/or bid"
What would be the stayman bid?

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