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May the force be with you
You can't be in a more GF auction that if you already bid game. :-) The key factor is if their bid is lower or higher than the level we are forced to. If it is lower, then FP is on. So if we are forced to 4, FP ...
Dominating Shift
One of my partners tells me that the double is cancelled if they end up playing in a suit contract.
Precision sequence 1D - P - 2C
What is so special about Precision for this as opposed to 2/1?
U31 junior event
Oren, I can't debate on nomenclature. It seems to me that if you ask the general public which tends to be younger, youth or junior (not as a name), they will say junior. But I may very well be wrong, and I feely admit that.
May the force be with you
Steve, I don't care about the OP auction, because there are a lot of caveats with that. I am only concerned that forcing pass only applies to the 5 level, and that 4 by opponents can never set up a FP situation for our side, What I understand ...
May the force be with you
Steve, even if 2N is limit+, opener already puts in a CB. Seriously, you want to let them play 4 undoubled? At any rate, the point is that to say we are never in FP when opponents bid 4 is of an alternative universe. None of the Robson ...
May the force be with you
Ronald, you saw what N has. Anyway, the point is not what is right for you. It is if partner is into shenanigan, how much should one change one's forcing pass stance. If you say not at all, that is fine. However, adjusting for that kind of partner is ...
May the force be with you
Ronald, furthermore, in this vulnerability, if partner is psyching 3NT, it is because she thinks they have slam. Why would you bid 5 to help them get to slam?
May the force be with you
Ronald, I was not talking about this hand. I was talking about in general if forcing pass in on over 3NT if partner is shenanigan inclined.
May the force be with you
I have a mind. Say the bidding go 1 - (P) - 2NT - (3); 4 - (4), are you telling me forcing pass is not on?

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