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open ACBL bridge clubs
Donald, have you checked how many states are acting as business as usual?
open ACBL bridge clubs
It simply is scary that some clubs (operating under ACBL banner or not) would still be opened with > 10 people playing. But then, we saw the photo of Oklahoma governor in a packed restaurant with his family, with a caption that told people to go out and act as normal.
Is this psyche legal?
Marty, and what if this is self alert? And the person explaining it as 5 card stayman and GF? Of course, the pair should henceforth take GF off the agreement.
Is this psyche legal?
No, our agreement is implicit, and more like what are not possible psyches. Do you want me to alert every psych-able bid? Open 1NT, alert. What, one of many possible psyche bids.
ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
"If I understand you correctly, you are saying that although the opponent's 3♥ bid is forcing to game, they might not bid 5♥ and also not double you ". I said no such things. When I have the actual E and, of course there is no chance we would play ...
Is this psyche legal?
No, our agreement until last night is that 3 is GF, so that if opponents came in, it is a forcing pass situation. Yes, if opponents do not come in, it may be moot. But LHO of 3 bidder did come in, and opener passed (luckily), and RHO ...
Is this psyche legal?
I am not the only guy who ever remembered the CC wrongly. So why not just tell me I was wrong instead of sarcastic remarks even if I deserved it?
Is this psyche legal?
Many don't play penalty X against strong NT (ours was 14-16), so RHO's P may not mean anything. Indeed RHO on this hand had a powerful 4=4=1=4 hand.
Is this psyche legal?
Gordon, there have been some who claim that ACBL's regulation against psyching artificial bids (below 2NT, as Doug educated me) is about agreement only, not bidding it. And yes, my partners and i do have agreement, implicit or explicit, about what hands are psych-able.
Is this psyche legal?
Doug, if there is no such regulation, then it would be "other", and a kind comment to that effect to educate me. Sorry to be ACBL centric.

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