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Mike Lipkin
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Feb. 11, 2013
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about me

currently playing pro after retiring from of several bridge world articles and one book: "Invitation to Annihilation". no national championships but 100+ regional firsts or seconds.  Photo is from a trip to the fabulous Iceland (BTW: "Icemachine" runs a great club in Reykjavik). Resist the treasonous Orange Abomination. Stand with Vindman.

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mike radin; david gurvich; alex perlin
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saratoga; montreal
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Let the cards speak, not the time it takes to play them!
A radical (not necessarily my) proposal is to let players bluff hesitations. This would have the effect of making all tempo tells of dubious value and reward a return to knowing the percentage plays. Some more historically astute readers may know where this no holds barred approach was first proposed ...
Let the cards speak, not the time it takes to play them!
look who's talking Mr. Beyrouto!
Let the cards speak, not the time it takes to play them!
I am curious to know if the readership feels playing online has improved the situation- perhaps because lots of extraneous at home events (cats, kids, etc.) scramble the tempi. Also, should the BBO platform introduce random hesitations into the auctions and plays to make tempo inferences unreliable?
What is acceptable risk?
A small addendum to Gilead research:
hand from BBO today
Howard's query is not irrelevant. There are interesting squeeze possibilities in 7.
Lynn Deas R.I.P.
Very sorry to hear this. So sorry Rich.
analysis by marc lipsitch
The Koch brothers, who pay for this opinion, couldn't have said it better. I realize there is room for debate about economic policy, but the purpose of my posting this many weeks ago was to inform people about the best science available.
Rubinchik Wins Final of the Experimental On-Line Round-Robin Qualifier Event
Congratulations Oleg et al.!
Summer NABC Moved
I assume this is a bad April Fools Joke.
What is acceptable risk?
I see Gilead did the moral thing and asked to rescind its claim for rare drug status for remdesivir. Whether they would have done this w/o the public outcry, it is sufficient to know they have done the right thing.

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