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Mike Lipkin
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Feb. 11, 2013
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about me

currently playing pro after retiring from of several bridge world articles and one book: "Invitation to Annihilation". no national championships but 100+ regional firsts or seconds.  Photo is from a trip to the fabulous Iceland (BTW: "Icemachine" runs a great club in Reykjavik). Resist the treasonous Orange Abomination.

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mike radin; david gurvich; alex perlin
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saratoga; montreal
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RIP Ken Cohen
I recall a Cherry Hill regional where Soloway and KC were paired in a morning KO. After KC declared 3NT by failing to support Soloway's major... Soloway lost it!
More Claims
Nice article, but one nitpick: on p 9 Hand 156, showing D'Alelio's play to 3NT, trick 9 is an erratum: Becker plays the 4 twice.
A better rating system
I don't really care if there is a particular rating system or schema but I strongly agree with Jeff being annoyed at headquarters consistently ignoring or shortchanging the the needs of clubs.
Beth Palmer (1952-2019)
My deepest condolences.
What is the meaning of this double?
In order to want to enter this auction with a passed partner and opponents bidding 3 suits, I am convinced that you must have opening strength and minimally 4 clubs or longer.
A puzzle solved
PB. I concur, and 1 would have been my call at the table; however I referred to it as a strong NT hand purely for descriptive purposes, not to insist on a 1NT overcall. So as to be completely clear, and not obscure my intended meaning, I believe the ...
A puzzle solved
Let's see if I understand you, RF. A hypothetical hand with seven honorless spades and a 7 count should bid red, but a strong NT hand should pass. Are you engaging in constructive commentary?
A puzzle solved
I have ANOTHER question. Is anyone curious to know why W passed a strong NT rather than overcall the limited 1 opening- and found his partner holding a 1-count?
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
Thank you. As a follow-up, are suggested defenses available online anywhere?
Ruling -- Illegal Convention
Many years ago, I also played this particular 2 opening in conjunction with 3/ = 7 cards to 2 of the top 3 and transfer weak 2-bids of 2 and 2. The method was a net winner. My question: Is the 2 opening currently permitted ...

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