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Sept. 23, 2015
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March 26
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NABC Championship: Silver Ribbons 2018
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Time to make a plan B for Montreal
The EBL just came out with its "Plan B" for the European Championship that is currently scheduled for June 17, 2020. They announced the Alt date, at the same location in Madeira. You can see the link in the Corona forum. ACBL should follow in the next few weeks.
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
I read this morning that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is, indeed, cancelled :( We have to be realistic! We need some plan going on. We need to announce a date of decision time for our summer NABC. There is no need to live on pins and needles until early July. I ...
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
Richard - Sure it is better to use the current date location. Yes it is a big effort/planning to set up. Next NABC is 4 month ahead. I didn't suggest cancelling -- I suggest an Alternative plan
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
Right Donald. Also have doubts that an on-line substitution will occur. That is why I hope we can have an Alt date/location. Maybe a smaller NABC can take place at the end of Summer - who knows. Just hope there is some plan instead of just a cancellation.
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
Daniel - Online NABC is NOT my idea. There is already a post on how may it work. Read there. My thought is to prepare so alt date/location in case Summer NABC has to be moved or canceled. I prefer F2F for NABCs
The Future of Bridge: It doesn't look so good.
All Good Points Johnathan. I just want to add that these meds may only help to reduced the number of deaths. The world needs a vaccine to stop the spread; as you said, the US and the rest of the Western World can't do what China and South Korea ...
Can the ACBL survive Corona Virus.
Jonathan -- The Bulletin brings some revenue but cost a lot more to publish (2018: $1.56M exp & 270K Revenue). Maybe do the Bulletin and just have it on-line. How much of the $1.56M goes to printing and mailing? Maybe, I don't know, the Bulletin can break even with ...
It's official - Honors is closing down.
MK - Good Wish
Can the ACBL survive Corona Virus.
Ellis - what are the liabilities for Directors when they are not working? And BTW a 4th of 2.8 is "just" 700K. How much of the sanction fees come from on-line and what kind of growth should we expect it that stream of revenue? Need more info to do an ...
Ohio to cancel mass gatherings
Keeping Columbus ON will cost way more money than canceling it. Running an NABC with something like 3K or 4K tables (I have no idea - but I assume that is where we are now) while still paying the directors and the Conv Ctr, will generate negative cash flow. Canceling may ...
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