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Mike Gill
Mike Gill
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March 16, 2011
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about me

I'm a recovering astrophysicist originally from Boring, MD (yes, really) who now works doing programming and math. My wonderful wife and I now live in Columbia, MD with our son Trevor, who was born in September 2017. He's adorable and wonderful but so far he's terrible at bridge! In addition to bridge I enjoy entirely too many things given I'm a parent: running, sports, poker, barbu, board games, puzzles of various kinds, piano, cooking and eating (who enjoys cooking but doesn't love eating?!).

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Bridge Accomplishments
USA II (Junior) in 2006, 2nd in 2017 NAP, missed the 2017 Open GNT final by an IMP
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Noble Shore
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mike gill
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Gold Life Master
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Sean McNally's bidding problem: T854 T5 3 KJT982
Yeah if you aren't going to double on this...
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: 763 T87542 A K73
Also might get less for even 7x than for 6h so I want to look like I might be gambling.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KT5 KQ7532 K AK3
I wish my nightmares were this benign...
Srdjan Katusic's bidding problem: J98 KQJT74 AQ A2
I mean that would be great but isn’t partner going to take it as choice of majors?
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: Q542 AQ84 JT3 AJ
I think the bigger danger is 5-5. x Kxxxx Ax KQxxx or x Kxxxx AKQxx xx are both min HCP but both are almost cold slams. I changed my mind to 2NT but I do think it's close at unfav where LHO will often be under pressure to do ...
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: J A874 Q92 AKQ64
I would reverse if not playing reverse flannery and if 2 was forcing. I’m willing to reverse to avoid missing a heart fit but I don’t really think the hand is worth it.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: AKQT32 J4 AT3 J3
I would just Texas and keycard. I think slam is a favorite here even opposite the range of hands that would pass opposite a mild slam try, which i think partner needs a really good hand to accept. Even if slam is bad they probably have to find the lead.
Liam O'Brien's bidding problem: A2 KJ984 T876 T6
Why not bid keycard? Sure it’s unlikely partner has only one ace but he might. We also might be off an ace and the q. I just don’t see the cost in checking on this auction.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: --- A985 8532 KT862
Could easily be down in 1N with 4 cold. Over 2 I’ll slow down with 2NT but over 2 or 2 I’m forcing game to try to get to the right strain.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: A8542 --- --- AKQJT954
Strongly disagree. I think it’s much more likely partner has a hand with tricks in a red suit given we are holding this.

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