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Mike Doecke
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March 26, 2012
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Mike Doecke's lead problem: T2 Q987 97 QJ873
Thanks for the responses! I was the South on this hand and doubled holding AJx Tx Q8xxx Kxx. My double was based on table feel, the opponents' tempo and my own tendency to stretch bidding 3NT in this spot. I never even considered that it might ask for a spade ...
Multiple bidding problem after Multi
You phrased the description of the pass in a weird way in your OP. That isn't the way much of the world plays pass, although it does make sense at favourable. Assuming that partner also knows what North's pass means (but you haven't discussed 2NT) then the ...
Multiple bidding problem after Multi
What does North's pass of the double show?
How should I act after a BIT?
My opinion is not to overthink it. If you legitimately believe that an action is clear-cut and that there is no alternative, you should take the action even if it is indicated by the UI. Call the director on yourself if you think others might do something different and if ...
Project the Auction
My gut instinct is that it might be better to win the spade in hand and play a diamond towards the king right away. There are definitely associated risks, but really like the fact that it conceals your trump and diamonds holdings. Starting diamonds immediately also retains flexibility on a ...
John Newman's bidding problem: Q8752 AJ9 T72 Q4
I think partner is showing a strong 4S raise (probably balanced or semi-balanced) with diamond values. On this hand we've got an automatic 4 bid and will know to hit 5 if they take the sacrifice.
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
I was curious about this myself a couple of years ago. To try and find an answer, I looked over the NT defensive methods of top pairs in the world. My criteria was something like Bermuda Bowl T8, US Nats T4 and European Champs T4. Although a variety of methods ...
Matt Smith's lead problem: x xxx xxx KTxxxx
You will definitely find out, but when the club king doesn't hold the trick, know which suit you should've led isn't going to do you much good.
Club UI problem
Pass is definitely a logical alternative for me. 4S is super wide ranging on this auction (maybe 3-15 HCP?) and the opponents could easily be cold for slam.
What a play by Maksymilian Chodacki
"Always cover the 6 with the 9" might be a bit tough to sell. Matt bumped into the declarer today and mentioned the hand again. Maksymilian's first comment was that he regretted his misplay! He should've led the S4 to the S7 - can't afford to waste that ...

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