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Mike Cassel
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June 24, 2010
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about me

Lobby your ACBL Board rep to move the 10K event at the start of the Spring NABC to Sat-Sun rather than starting on Day1 of both the Platinum and the IMP Pairs. Bueller?  Bueller?  Hello?  Strive to schedule 10K events on day2 of 3 day NABC+ events. Having a 10K event final on day 1 of a new NABC+ event is WRONG




The ACBL doesn't need a one size fits all policy for team entry fees.  If you want 100% of the masterpoints then you pay your 100%.  A 6 person team willing to receive proportional overall awards, as we do in Swiss team events, can pay the 4 person team entry fee.  We already track the sitouts.  This is not rocket science.




Live tournament bridge will sputter if we don't engage new club players to enjoy play in a larger venue.  It's time for a new grass roots approach:  North American Swiss Pairs.  Qualify during the Grass Roots Fund month in May and earn the right to play at the fall NABC.  The grass roots events, NAP and GNT, should be designed to excite newer players, not just reward those who are already coming to the NABCs

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Favorite Bridge Memory
23imp pickup in Vegas mini-Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
Editor for the Gopher Regional & Minneapolis Grand Slam Club Bulletins
Member of Bridge Club(s)
D14 GNT Coordinator
Favorite Tournaments
any one with Web Movements and level playing fields
Favorite Conventions
Xfr advances/1MX, Def vs. Michaels(majors), Reverse Smith, 4way 2H/1m, 4way 2C/1M
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ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Officer's Club Mentoring Team Card
2 over 1
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Mike Cassel & Barry Purrington
2 over 1
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Carol Mahoney
2 over 1
Copy to my cards View/Print
Mike Cassel & Harry Sapienza
Forcing Club
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Terry Lijewski mx1920
2 over 1
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Bill & Sue Treble
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Mike&Peter 15May15
2/1 GF
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Mike Kamil Gabby Sherman Mike Cassel
2 over 1
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Strong Club, Transfer Positives, 1Spade Neg.
I'd have to understand your NT ladder and how you treat minimum positive responses with a 4 card major and longer minor. Do you have a support asking bid after e.g. 1 1 when you do not have spades but want to know about support for ...
pass fail
Agree T 3N paints a good picture
Strategy at Swiss Teams (20VP scale) vs. IMP Pairs?
I see no reason to generate a swing, which could easily be a negative swing, unless you have a reason to do so. e.g. your opponents have had a number of opportunities to do the wrong thing, but they have not done so. Your card has a bunch of ...
Is it time for 1 & 7 PM NABC start times (the critical 30 minutes earlier start)
There are a TON of restaurant options within a few minutes walk in Gatlinburg and most of them are casual. And they are quite accustomed now to accommodating the early dining crowd. I've been at NABC venues where even nearby restaurants haven't paid attention to advice about an ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable? [code]Category No Alert Announce Alert Natural Calls About expected Unusual strength, Not Specifically strength and shape shape, etc.[/code] Noted Even if a lower end direct raise IS NOT markedly different I will honor the principle of full disclosure to let ...
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
If you play that a 1 under raise (1 X 2) is a sound raise and a raise is the weakest raise then the opps are entitled to know that the direct raise IS the weakest raise and may be significantly weaker than other sequences.
What is the meaning of this double?
We have a shot at 3N if your diamonds are good. What do you think? I have a top honor in your suit. This game try ask is much more frequent than a pure, exceeding rare, penalty double. The preemptor's suit quality has such a high range that you ...
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
the common game monday morning 9/11, bd 33 8 K8 JT965 QT842 7 tricks available in NT 11 in 5 minor I'm not even looking for these. They just come up. "I think the 5/5 minors hand is too rare to ...
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
fine... turn the J into a small spot. or any other tweak that keeps the shape but weakens the hand to one you consider invitational there's a premium for going plus in matchpoints. probably no argument re. GF at imps
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
Common Game bd 1 9/5/17 Q2 3 KJT84 QT543 partner opens 1N in 2nd chair the fur barely began growing on your furphy

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