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Michal Czerwonko
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Sept. 28, 2015
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Dick Vatter's bidding problem: A754 54 AJ985 QJ
Bidding 3N shows the following holding after hesitation of: 10s=Jx; 20s=Qx, 30s=QJ
Bowling Along 4 - Topsy Turvey Tuesday
Isn't a virtue rather than a flaw of the present scale that a pair with plenty of bad scores has something to fight for till the very end instead of falling into comatose depression?
Why don't DBL?
Elementary; he didn't know all four hand as you do and it's easier to start showing your hand at the 2-level than after, say 3-4 bask to you
Eric Dong's bidding problem: 94 KT93 KT9863 Q
I'm sure many would like to know a convention by which we may perfectly describe this hand for the opponents' benefit.
Comparable psychology
Some 20 years ago a psych out of turn warranted a suspension in Poland
Weaks Twos: Short strokes?
AKJT(9)xx qualifies as 3N too
David Parsons's bidding problem: AQJ432 AK AJ 732
Question to LOTT slaves: Why?
Was GIB programmer sane?
It's N's hand on display, which is clearly marked
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 76 --- Q8753 AKJ865
I'm sure it reinforces your bidding principles
Combining chances
I don't see a problem. If we lose a , we can't lose a so I start with hook
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