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Sept. 28, 2015
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Is this double take out or lead directing?
That reminds me of a hand of yore when as a relative rookie I decided to enter 1-P-2 with a weak 66 in majors. -200 later and seven imps away for 2Mx -1 and 6N -1 I learned that entering game forcing action to advertise misfits is a ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
While I agree that 3 overcall is shaky, I don't like the -1100 outlook as the argument against it. A better in my mind argument is that little trick taking potential offers too little upside to offset the downside.
Restricted Choice - or not?
Playing for the drop will make you laugh at East in around 33% of cases. That's way better a chance of winning than at a lottery but quite less than in a casino.
Is this double take out or lead directing?
You may hit the jack pot once in blue moon, but more often you'd make them collect opposite nothing/play their contract double dummy
Is this double take out or lead directing?
An X of a GF forcing three-level bid appears to be rare bird and I expect few to have any agreement. Dumping it on an unprepared partner could be classified as sadism
Sean McNally's bidding problem: J KQJ Q4 AQJ6543
I guess THE LAW made me pass over 1
How do you rule on this sitiuation
Post the bidding!
Blue Over Red Boards
Incorporating or even not the fatigue factor, that's as ludicrous as me putting x instead of x-1 in a complex long code, which mistake I recovered after two days or so of full time work. Is adding ambiguity to road signs a good idea? Perhaps yes if you collect ...
Tracy Brines's bidding problem: Q2 KJ54 Q6 Q9432
Describe the system and inferences in more detail. If there are few agreements, state it. For instance, if I were North I'd have a monster with long s and no four-card M
Blue Over Red Boards
I fully agree that the board design should make sure the vulnerability be conspicuous
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