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Michael Xu
Michael Xu
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March 29, 2017
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42 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Palo Alto, California.

I am a SIVY and USBF guy.

I am a member of the USA Under 16 team that won bronze at 2018 WYTC.

I was born on July 10, 2003.

Please email me at if you wish to contact me.

United States of America

Bridge Information

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Unit 503
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Transfer Lebensohl, 2-way NMF
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Non Life Master
With Harrison
very light when favorable in terms of preempts only
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Kevin Huang
very light when favorable in terms of preempts only
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Lauren Liu- Michael
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Robin- Michael
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Copy of Florin / Michael Xu
very light when favorable in terms of preempts only
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The Club's Coffee-Housing
"You have made it clear you play a card as declarer and than watch for reactions whether it be an eyebrow a smirk or whatever I believe this isnt ethical" Ok, and many people agree with you and it is fine that you think this way. I myself am actually ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
RB: Ok, I think your conclusions are slippery slope fallacies. >"He is watching to see where and how they act including pulling cards from where in hand," You are accusing me of cheating. This statement is direct, and does not allow for the possibility that I am not doing what ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
"Because a defender has nothing to think about, I hope you arent suggesting because they didnt take 1/2 a second that this is coffeehousing?" No, I am not suggesting this. I think if you think I think like that, then you have just committed a slippery slope fallacy. Perhaps ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
YH: And it is fine that we disagree. This is after all mostly subjective and I do hope that our disagreement on this would not affect us later in the future. I still appreciate your opinions on this.
The Club's Coffee-Housing
By "he", do you mean me?
The Club's Coffee-Housing
YH: "If you read anything into things that are barely noticeable, " This is where I disagree. I think it is really noticeable, "and they are not being unethical, they are being human. " and noticeable and contrived enough that they are indeed being unethical. So I think really I should have ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
You lead towards the KJ. LHO opponent tanks, thinks for 30 seconds, acts distressed, and finally plays small. You think he must has the A, so you play the K. Turns out he had the Q. You have been clearly coffeehoused. Are you advocating that declarer should not speak up?
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Thanks, I understand now.
The Club's Coffee-Housing
"My point if you are attempting to 'observe' something and you get a false impression, how can this be considered coffeehousing? " My answer to that question is yes, it can be considered coffeehousing if I received a false impression because of my opponents coffeehousing. Obviously, if I just misread my ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
What is the problem with staring?

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